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“Artist, Writers and Producers – Beware!"

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“Artist, Writers and Producers – Beware!"

“What Do You Mean By Tactics, Methods and System?”

There are many times when I find myself making reference to the use of the words ‘tactics,’ ‘methods’ and I even refer blame using the word ‘system.’

I thought that this would be good time to clarify exactly what it is that I mean when I use each word when describing my experiences.

Of course, everyone has a general, basic idea of the definition of these words but I would like to emphasize why these words best describe what some individuals are forced to endure.

[1]The definition of the word ‘tactics’ refers to ‘the science and art of disposing and maneuvering forces in combat and the art; skill of employing available means to accomplish an end and/or a system or mode of procedure’

Tactics are commonly used in warfare, the art and science of fighting battles. It is concerned with the approach to combat, placement of troops, use made of weapons, vehicles, ships, or aircraft, and execution of movements for attack or defense.

In general, tactics deal with the problems encountered in actual fighting. Tactical thinking attempts to coordinate personnel with the existing weapons technology and apply both to the terrain and enemy forces in a way that uses the fighting force to best advantage.

Deployment involves placing each type of weapon where it can do the most damage to the enemy or provide the most protection to one's own forces. Timing and direction of attack are also important considerations.

[2]The definition of the word, Method would be a particular form of procedure for accomplishing or approaching something, especially a systematic or established one and/or orderliness of thought or behavior; systematic planning or action.

Methods are a procedure, technique, or way of doing something, especially in accordance with a definite plan: such as, a procedure which is implemented to invoke a reaction or a specific outcome or as in, alienating while inflicting emotional distress.

A means or manner of procedure, especially a regular and systematic way of accomplishing something:

[3]The word ‘System’ is defined as a group of interacting, interrelated, or interdependent elements forming a complex whole. An organism or body considered as a whole, especially with regard to its vital processes or functions. Also, a group of related parts that move or work together and/or a body of a person or animal thought of as an entire group of parts that work together.

The more that you fight for your materials that you have copy-written, your rights, basic needs, etc… the more resistance you will be forced to endure.

This brings me to provide an example of one of the tactics that has been used by some as an approach to placement of troops, use made of vehicles and execution of movements for attack and a methodic systematic planning or action implemented by a part of the system.

Most license plates are used to express individuals self-image; such as, Sexy Leo or Boss. Some express many thoughts and opinions by many different individuals. The license plates shown below are just a few of the many plates captured while traveling and the states have been block to protect their privacy.

Each license plate depicted demonstrates that when used in a combined effort as tactics and methods can easily be considered as a systematic process to generate numerous responses; especially, when ones privacy is violated and/or technology is also used as a part of some twisted game.

“Most of these pictures of license plates were taken
during the course of an hour, while running errands”

(These are actual State Issued License Plates)

Now imagine seeing ALL of these and many more within a single drive. If this is not enough to get your attention, I would like for you to add the human factor and note how stranger it would be to have the individuals driving these vehicles actually pointing at you with many different expressions.

Most find your situation to be comical as long as it is not them, while others express disdain or even worse – BLIND HATRED!

Campaign: Freeze Out?

(These are actual State Issued License Plates)

While others are living their lives in comfort, the victimized unknown artist are denied the simplest, basic, most common amenities like food and shelter. If the artist has children, there will be heinous acts behind the scenes that will leave your children under siege.

Behind the scenes, pressure will be applied to individuals across many groups. Some individuals will find justification in harming you and yours while you are left in the dark, unaware of the depths of deception.

Operation Intimidate?

“Most of these pictures of license plates were taken
during the course of an hour, while running errands”

Again, these are people who are driving forcefully while cutting in front of you and putting forth extreme effort to be seen; that is until you pull out your camera phone and try to take their pic. 

These are not an exaggeration of events by no means. Proof is provided below, on blogs and inside the books offered by Seven West Productions, LLC.

Knowing the ‘game’ is half the battle!

Imagine the cooperation of ‘your’ immediate public, friends and family participating in an effort to inflict duress and cause you distress. Technology – computers, cameras, cell phones, etc... Are all used to spy! How else would people know when to tamper with your mail or where you are? Proof of mail delays and tampering inside:

In addition to stealing their lives, they are met with forces completely determined to induce suicidal actions. It is not enough for them to steal your dignity, your rights, your hope and all of the good that they initially saw in you (which caused their hatred to spiral out of control). They hope to destroy all proof of their twisted game, proof of lives lost unnecessarily and the treachery that has flourished for centuries.

Now imagined a combined effort involving an unknown artist, writer or producer who has worked consistently with multiple individuals who have presented themselves as foes; brothers or sister and family.

Countless hours devoted towards making beautiful music and feeling that your dreams are finally coming true. It is not unusual for individuals to learn about you when you spend time working with you.

Eventually, you are likely to let your guard down in the company of people that you work with and assume that they are your friends.

If you manage to get by the ‘haters’ and ‘naysayers,’ you are met with those who seek to misguide you with misinformation and trickery. The time comes when these tactics and methods are deployed.

Then here comes the BOOM! Systematically, every song that you have had a hand in creating is suddenly apart of or derivative of other songs that are played relentlessly on every music platform. (An example of these tactics of getting close to you are shown below).

Instead of acknowledgement, respect and reward, you are forced to listen to your works in full and in part on the radio while everyone completely ignores your copyrights, your hard work and even your civil and human rights.

So now you are having to deal with an enormous amount of opposition. This brings me the use of the word ‘System.’ 

The same lawyers that were there in the beginning will only show enough interest to determine just how much evidence you have to prove your case but will refuse to risk the possibility of future business. They have no intentions of going against the ‘system’ or the ‘machine’ that grinds generations into dust for pleasure, profits and a false sense of superiority.

They may even use your situation as a stepping stone to advance their own artist or writers careers. For you are just one person and they can offer almost anything to anyone to turn a blind eye. If they cannot buy them, threats and intimidation most always work. Once people are hurt, you will be conveniently blamed so they can take care of multiple birds with one stone.

The courts will not intervene on your behalf and in some cases will not even acknowledge you’re human or your civil rights; least of all your copyrights. I even have proof where they have even gone so far as to completely ignore violent acts and blatant factual evidence. 

Exposing these tactics and methods will prepare the next victim and possible lessen the blow. If you pull the curtain back it reduces the blunt force of the trauma. Less people will be victimized and eventually they will not have the desperate artist giving full cooperation and submitting multiple works that can be later used to inflict damage.

They will not have to watch while other industry personnel use their hard work to build their careers off of them.

Reading the material provided will provide options, instead of signing a major contract for years of service that allows the companies to take works then use that clause that says that they don’t have to pursue infringements if they choose not to. Instead they would consider signing that single song contract or insist on enough initial monies to secure good representation.

So while people are quick to negate facts or sugar coat this music business, you must seek out the horror stories because in these experiences are the real road map to success.

For instance, if you read Music Business: It’s a Dirty Game, as an Artist you would know that sometimes it is best not to sign a long term agreement when you can request a Single Song Contract or short term Agreement to establish a good working relationship first.

The more you stand up for yourself, the more opposition you have to endure. The ‘system’ will deliberately oppress you even with proof of deliberate violations, even without having any personal mental or emotional issues, even though you do not have any substance abuse issues.

The ‘System’ will prevent you from maintaining employment and from conducting business when you speak out against the system designed to violate certain individuals that are used to make profits and then discard.

They present you in the worst light in order to justify little or no compensation. Even with work experience and many employable skills, I didn't even receive a phone call for an interview in over a year. So I developed products and I have been traveling to promote my books and poetry but when no one supports your efforts this eventually causes homelessness.

I will not allow others to keep stealing my life and blaming me for not letting people rob, beat and attack me. I stood up for myself just like you would have. The same groups who set this in motion are the ones that keep holding on to lies. That why they don't want people to read my books. I have always kept a journal and wrote down everything so I can prove timelines, etc...

I don't have to lie because I got proof that I was attacked, plotted on and blamed. It is implied that someone tried to help but my experiences with each never reflected assistance and no one has told me anything so how am I supposed to know. I'm not spending the rest of my life waiting for decency. I will continue to stand up for myself and defending their lies. 

You can't rightfully blame someone for the death(s) of others without knowing everything that has transpired but I am blocked, interfered with and labeled when I attempt to provide proof.

I worked for many years in the music business and they used 40+ song lyrics and melodies that made them hundreds of millions of dollars. It is because I am an unaligned African American Woman that this system feels that I am not entitled to having rights so they do not feel that they have to pay. Others don't like my response to what has been allowed to continue and some do not care because of their own hardships.

“For over two decades…Officials - while acting ‘under color of law,’ circumvented justice, hindered and enslaved daughter of man accused of murdering a Police Officer!’

Basically, in addition to all of the atrocities that have transpired I am supposed to believe that it’s just a coincidence that my father is currently serving a life sentence for the murder of a police officer. Officials under collaboration with a billion dollar industry has used courts, judges, power, positions and connections with Music Business to exact revenge and for the purposes of making a profit from enslaved individuals.

Police acting ‘under color of law’ used illegally obtained warrant to negatively modify background record. Police used expired warrant to take public housing, cause loss of employment and to hinder any and all assistance with the use of threats and intimidation.

Every negative song that you hear being pushed repeatedly serves the purpose of intimidating and inflicting duress. Most unknown artist are subjected to these tactics in an effort to tear them down, instill hopelessness and even induce suicide. The millions of dollars in profits will be divided by those with influence; from major record label executives, entertainment lawyers, major players, etc...
Some say that it is divided by Districts but the individuals never see a dime. 

Everyone is distracted by the violence and revenge that no one asks, 'What happened to the royalties?' No one is held accountable but these artist are forced to hear their songs played repeatedly while dodging 'haters' and trying to maintain shelter. Mocked, scorned and chased until they are conveniently offered some minimal standard amount; that is, if they survive. Is this the American Dream? 
While being victimized, ostracized, isolated and placed under continued pressure to end her own life, she was advised that profits, proceeds and royalties were confiscated and given to the slain officer’s family. If it was not this message, it was other repeated negative comments used to instill some kind of sense ‘hopelessness.’

This local author has released titles which sheds light on corruption and plot for revenge and abuse of power which has been allowed to continue for over two decades!

These titles demonstrate how a corrupt system has deliberately used money, power and positions to create a form of enslavement in order to use positions to circumvent justice and to exact revenge for the death of a slain police officer and/or others negatively impacted. Each title written provides documentation to substantiate all claims and provides detailed information.

Caught in crossfire between major entities; the system which uses positions to enslave by denying rights and/or allows the dehumanization to continue and those who have been negatively impacted and place blame- I have been forced to live as a homeless outcast.

While some are able to reap the benefits of having the opportunity to achieve their American Dream, others are prohibited from having their basic needs met. While your rights are recognized, the unknown artist has none once this system decides to sacrifice you to the ‘game.’ Every group that is connected to your quest will send those to judge, crucify and harass you for sport.

I didn't just run out and write a tell-all book. It wasn't until many years later that I decided to write my first book. I waited, hoped, tried and begged for help prior to making this decision. After many years after trying to obtain assistance

I have a list of groups, agencies, and attorneys that I contacted but no one could find a way for me. I even had a co-worker say, ‘she is waiting for someone to save her’ but what he didn’t know is that I have always been able to save myself but I didn’t want to do this because there is a reason why it has never been done. I am not the one to do nothing.

Usually, they offer money but after decades but what they would
offer would not cover the damage. Let's not forget the 'haters' who would rather die than do the right thing because they can't profit or they would have to admit their treachery. 

In the Summary below, you can see clearly what tactics, methods and system it is that I am referring to.

Although I have compounded legal issues, I have tried to provide brief numbered details of some of what has occurred below.

I am contacting your offices because there are compounded situations but to provide a summary:

1.  My father is incarcerated for allegedly killing a Detroit Police Officer, Stanley Rapaski and Cass Czerwinski. I can’t help but wonder if Czerwinski is related to Democratic Representative      Joseph C. Czerwinski. 

First, anyone who kills a police officer - their family is definitely persecuted and is unable to obtain assistance from the system; especially, if that person is a prominent member of society. 

Everyone knows that police stick together and as a matter of fact, the other accomplice conveniently died while being apprehended in that case. Human nature...

2.  I wrote the lyrics and melody that were used for a television sitcom many years ago. These lyrics were given to now prominent music producers, Lee Marcus and Jake Salazar. Of course, I didn’t find out about the use of the song until years later.

3.  Since the individuals who placed the first songs didn't offer contract or monetary compensation, I kept writing with other local producers until I was offered a 50/50 co-publishing agreement            with Zomba after a disagreement with Larry Hatcher and Art & Rhythm’s Larry Campbell.

4.  Zomba’s pub agreement made reference to taking co-ownership of all songs written by me; including material prior to signing. (Remember I was not aware that the previous songs were            used yet).

I spoke with two entertainment attorneys; the fact that previous attorney's would encourage signing a contract for little dollars when they know that all entertainment lawyers would most likely require a large retainer in the end demonstrates that there is a problem.

5.  Zomba representatives then attempted to pressure me to sign management contracts with producers that were on their roster whom I had never met.

While contracted with Zomba, I submitted over 40 song lyrics and melodies that were discussed in detail with their representatives and some listed directly in the contract.

6. After submitting these songs, someone associated with the business brought it to my attention that an artist by the name of Desire (real name Monique), with the help of Michael Powell, Art       & Rhythm’s – Larry Roc Campbell, Paul D. Allen, and Larry Hatcher has received a 6 album deal with Warner Chapel label releasing single.

I heard personally and have others confirm blatant similarities to my work and there have been works derived in full and/or in part from my copies submitted to Paul D. Allen of M. Powell’s – Vanguard Studio, Larry Hatcher of Hatcher Hits, Larry Roc Campbell of Art & Rhythm and David R - Zomba, rep. I worked consistent with all parties listed for a period of time. I have split sheet for “Baby Stay with me” and I heard this finished by her.

7. After notifying Zomba of this deal, I became subjected to a multitude of tragedies, threats and intimidation. Almost every song lyric and melodies were used in part and in full. These songs           were being played on the radio for years. I will provide you with attachments to show copyrights.

8. Zomba used publishing contract to steal lyrics and melodies, then denied possession of works (even though material was mentioned in publishing contract, the use of intimidation methods to coerce, and now everyone is asking for an extreme amount of money for a retainer.

I understand that litigation cost but this should not be allowed to be used as a scapegoat to avoid being held accountable.

This is the 'game' that prevents resolution and allows these tyrants to continue their actions.

9.  I then attempted to file suit and although the amended complaint that complied with F.C.R. and was filed within courts guidelines.

The judge dismissed before reviewing factual evidence and ignored actual acts of violence and request for counsel to be assigned.

Basically, I have documentation that clearly shows misconduct. During this ordeal, I maintained my copyrights and always required signed documentation with any co-writers.

Within two months of completion of my Registration of Copyrights for all of the songs provided, suddenly the Dekalb County Probation submits a violation of probation report to the Courts and they issue a warrant although I was under the supervision of Michigan Probation and reporting as directed.

The timing of the execution of this warrant was in sync with everything that was going on around my trials with seeking assistance from attorneys and all of the many groups. I had filed the copyrights listed below and they were processed just months prior to the illegally obtained warrant being issued.

1.  PAU001720136 / January 7, 1993 “Collection I - Tiwanda.”
     Lovelace, Tiwanda, 1967 - 18 SONG LYRICS AND MELODIES, 1 RAP, 2 POEMS

2.  PAU001721382 / March 4, 1993 “Collection II - Tiwanda.”
     Lovelace, Ne Ne - 6 SONG LYRICS AND MELODIES,

Although per Inter-State Case Reports, Lovelace was reporting to Michigan Probation AS DIRECTED by Courts, there were no efforts were made to contact and/or provide Notice of Hearing. 

Again, there was no notice of hearing, revocation hearing, or opportunity to be heard.

Dekalb County police then used this warrant to modify my 1st Offenders Act, changing status to conviction. Records reflect multiple arrests, repeated offenses and provide misleading transmittal when 4 of 5 items are in reference to the same (original) First Offenders Act offense.

Dates and charges are inaccurate and/or inaccurately presented. This warrant was signed May 19, 1993 - expired July 31, 1997.

In a letter used to take housing from the Lovelace family, a police agency stated that the warrant was valid in 2005 and that they were unable to execute due to budgetary constraints. However, when I lived in Georgia 2003/2004 there were no efforts to arrest?

I believe the warrant was serving its purpose, which was to inflict damage, hinder and harm. Prior to filing this case, I submitted a notice and a request for correction to all parties involved since it was preventing employment and shelter.

I have proof of misconduct show the courts switched Judges after plaintiff filed for Summary Defendants ignored service of Summons.

I believe that this system intended to hold me accountable for others actions and all under ‘color of law.’

I have requested legal assistance and/or representation, resolution and closure because these entities are still using their power and positions to continue to oppress.

I have documented proof of civil rights violations, mail tampering, court tampering, violent acts, etc…

Since this has snowballed, police were using illegally obtained warrant to modify background records, to take public housing and take employment repeatedly.

Georgia unjustly threw my case out but shortly after a public defender was able to quash warrant.

Michigan courts dismissed my case prior to even reviewing my copyrights and completely ignoring reports of violent acts. I am stuck in this free for all, caught up between multiple major entities while trying to obtain my freedom from this chaos.

Even now my record has not been completely updated or corrected properly because this case was once again used to have me detained in handcuffs and refused entry into Canada in 2013.

I have other legal issues that have occurred of which I have been compiling; such as, screen shot, documents, etc…that prove that I am being deliberately deprived of my rights to liberty and life. I refuse to let them murder me quietly behind the scenes. I have attached some of the documentation to support my claims and I hope that you will be able to assist or refer this to someone who can.

Nobody wants to talk about where the millions went from the song that was originally placed and used on a major television sitcom.

Nobody wants to acknowledge the 40+ lyrics and melodies of mine that was used to shop this alleged Warner deal and also used to hurt me by flooding the radio and charts in that poor attempt to drive me to suicide.

An Example of combined effort is demonstrated:

As mentioned in Music Business: It's a Dirty Game! I met and/or worked with the highlighted names mentioned above and I was unaware that these individuals worked together.

Facts surrounding my life – Police, Family, Events 
Frantically, trying to figure out why this was happening to me, I compiled what I do know and came up with this…

These are the facts surrounding my life:

1. Zomba Publishing Contract states before and after works given prior to Hi-Five's placements. Could they have known of works presented and placed through Lee Marcus/Jake Salazar? 'Keep Standing Tall' was used as a theme song on a popular television sitcom.

2. Police involvement - all my life, Friends and In-Laws
       a.  In-Laws / Detroit's Chief of Police - Napoleon
       b.  Best friend's family closely associated w/ Police
       c.  Brother in-law police

Lee Marcus was one of the initial people who provided music tracks for me to write with – His family is related to the Detroit police

Jake Salazar - Partnered w/ Lee Marcus

3.  (5) Five works given to Lee/Jake: 'Keep Standing Tall', 'It's Love/I'm what you need', 'where are you now?', 'I need you here', and 'Just for you.'

4.   Police ruled in favor of Sharon Deasfernandez after she hit my son w/ her car while he was in front of our house playing. She had no remorse as if it was deliberate.

5.   Police never followed up on domestic violence case against husband.

6.   Father was accused of allegedly killing a police officer in 1969 and is currently convicted and serving a Life sentence.

7.   Mother used to cry all the time at night, hated my father, kept secrets, raised to go to school, not allowed her children to participate in after school activities, no outside contact with schoolmates, no phone privileges, only kingdom hall was allowed.

8.   Mother tried to conceal truth by pressuring me, sent letter to governor, she found Dr. to discredit me in one meeting without enough time to give wide range diagnosis. Anyone who             experienced their home shot up, family members assaulted, forced to listen to their stolen musical works on the radio and television while courts dismissed son hit by car, double homicide and more would be emotional and distressed.

9.   Family succumb to violent acts, possibly to convince cooperation because their cooperation followed shortly after.

10.  Mail tampering - search warrant advised I was under surveillance - would explain mail tampering.

11.  Court dismissed/ignored request to assign counsel to avoid protraction due to mismanagement.

12.   This was definitely signs that something just was not right and that this was no accident.

13.   I was beginning to believe that I was that girl that was being pressured into committing suicide.

14.  Given the information, at this time, I was still unable to understand which pieces were relevant  and which was coincidental.  Of course, I continued onward and so did the messages…                
However, now I can access information that has remained hidden...

Mr. Jake Salazar worked as an entertainment executive, as label manager and various department director to presidents and CEOs of the world's leading entertainment companies with tenures in affiliate companies such as Warner Bros, RCA, SONY, Universal, ABC, NBC and CBS Broadcasting.

[1] Jake Salazar was a co-founder of the Tempo Music Group. A coalition of independent record  companies owned by veteran industry professionals and celebrities such as Anita Baker/Michael Powell, Sylvia Moy, Martha Reeves, Isaiah Thomas, Thomas Hearns, John Salley, Lee Marcus, and Leonard Jones among other prominent business colleagues.


I have lived in many cities, moving from town to town looking for a home and a support base but the people in positions have ensured that too many people have been negatively affected across various groups. These continued incidents are instigated in the hopes that this will ensure that no one will support her in fighting for justice.

Those in positions and/or associated with the music industry have engaged in, encouraged and have allowed violent acts to incur solely due to their pride, greed and hate.  While behind the scenes, the hurting of others continue so that they will hate you too...this is not a game!

The Onlookers do not even care about 'the why' but they join in with more abuse; similarly to those angry mobs mentioned in history books.

There are those who really understand or at least they seemingly recognize my humanity in this injustice but out of sheer self-preservation they steer clear. It has been implied that if anyone helps me in any way on my quest to free myself from this man-made oppression would end up in a wheelchair or worse.

The more you stand up for yourself, the more opposition you have to endure. Harassed and Homeless for Fighting for My Rights...

Even with proof of deliberate violations, even without having any personal mental or emotional issues, even though you do not have any substance abuse issues...the system will deliberately oppress and prevent you from maintaining employment.

Their Lies and hate, prevent you from conducting business when you speak out against the system designed to violate certain individuals. These same individuals that they used to make a profit and then they discard you. They present you in the worst light in order to justify little or no compensation.

Even with work experience and many employable skills, I don't even receive an interview call in over a year. So I developed products and I have been traveling to promote my books and poetry but when no one supports your efforts this eventually causes homelessness.

Others don't like my response to what I refer to as a modern day slavery that has been allowed to continue while others do not care because of their own hardships.

Why? I believe that all of this factual information clearly explains the answer to the question. If multiple people come together to try to murder you, are you going to pick a side?

After 27 years of being scorned and tortured, would you let anyone step up with a bunch of words take over your life? Would you throw yourself under anyone after you are made aware that large groups have been told that you are responsible for the effects of racism and sexism?

Are you going to run to call the same strangers who left you to die for help after you had already called before for assistance but was denied? I am tired of people being able to manipulate situations. I am tired of people walking by laughing like this is cute.

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