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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Before you Sign...

What You Should Know Before You Sign the Deal can be 
found in this book…

Unlike any other book about the music business, 
“Music Business: It’s a Dirty Game!”,

this book is not a ‘puff piece’ about the glitz and glamour 
about the music business.

This book takes you on a journey from the excitement of 
having a music publishing contract with a major music 
publishing company to the legal battles that 

I was contracted with Zomba, (Britney Spears & R. Kelly’s 
label / Jive Records music publisher - now BMG-Zomba 
placed within Universal Music Publishing Group making 
them the worlds largest music publishing business.)

This book contains proof of corruption and demonstrates 
tactics used to steal the Artist lives by 
using  supporting documentation; such as, copyrights, court 
documents and public records.

Reading this book will give you more insight on exactly what 
steps that you can take to protect yourself, what to look out 
for in the contracts, protecting your materials and choosing 
the right attorney.

It is my goal to reach every aspiring artist to ensure that 

they are aware of all the tactics and methods used by most 

of the industry professionals.

I am Tiwanda ‘Ne Ne’ Lovelace the author of 
 “Music Business: It’s a Dirty Game!

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        “I am available for virtual or in-person interviews, workshops and seminars to provide more detailed information from my personal experiences and knowledge regarding the music business that is not mentioned inside my book.”
                                                 - Tiwanda ‘Ne Ne’ lovelace

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

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Seven West Productions

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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Thursday, May 9, 2013



Music Business: It’s A Dirty Game!

This book exposes corruption in the music industry, exposing the court system; wherein, not everyone has equal rights and how everyday people are stripped of their futures! 
Take a walk through one woman's journey to freedom from the system.
This is not a 'puff piece' about the glitz and glamour of the business!
"This book also contains supporting documentation; copyrights, public records, court documents and personal dated journal entries that cannot be disputed nor denied, contracts with Zomba major music publishing for Jive Records now BMG-Zomba publishing company and placed it within Universal Music Publishing Group, becoming the world's largest music publishing business ." 

This book will take you on a journey from the excitement of having a music publishing contract with a major music company to the realization that slavery still exist because you have been working for free - 'the system' refused to help.

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****Revised 03/19/13/: previous post removed in error****

What’s Love Got to Do with It?
It’s not about one man’s actions, this was a joint effort!

I thought it was about Copyright Laws...!
I have been copyrighting my lyrics and melodies since 1991.

Even with Copyrights, I was denied representation and was not given opportunity to address my claims!!

Note: I filed a lawsuit which provided these companies names (to the courts and other entertainment attorney’s) for using my works; which, included lyrics and melodies. All the while they were one in the same, working together. These songs were played on the radio by major artist signed to BMG, EMI; throughout the years starting after Zomba music publishing contract.

This page listed in contract shows Zomba’s knowledge of songs that they later denied knowledge of in letter…

Twitter: @sevenwestprod     #musicbusinessitsadirtygame

Attention: Aspiring Artist,
Don’t sign any artist or publishing contracts, just sell your music individually or sell your music by yourself. The Contracts are for them to use against you later, after they steal your lyrics and melodies.

The Lawyer/Attorney’s won’t help because they have their own artist to look out for. The ‘system’ won’t help because… ‘That’s what they do…’

Tell them that I said, “What are they (Music Industry) going to do when every aspiring artist, high school and School of the Arts graduate knows what to look out for?”
The ‘Game’ has been sold… I’m tired of the ‘women-hating, no mama having animals’ that think it is okay to exploit and abuse!!!

**Available Now**

Music Business: It’s A Dirty Game!
By Tiwanda Gail ‘Ne Ne’ Lovelace

Twitter: @sevenwestprod     #musicbusinessitsadirtygame

This song was used to secure Zomba Contract: "What can I say (to Justify my love)?' by Art & Rhythm L. Campbell, T. Lovelace, L. Wallace reached no. 72 on the Billboard Hot R&B Single chart.

This song was on Hi-Five’s Greatest Hits, Single, Album and a Soundtrack but while Art & Rhythm was bragging about his fat check… I receive this BS (See Royalty statements):

They don’t mind throwing scraps for one song because they don’t plan on paying for anymore, besides if they give you too much you may be able afford to have the books audited. They only pay the ones they can control with that ‘dangling carrot’.

They don’t mind throwing scraps for one song because they don’t plan on paying for anymore, besides if they give you too much you may be able afford to have the books audited. They only pay the ones they can control with that ‘dangling carrot’.


With all these Bad Guys running around...

 I can assure you that I am not the Mastermind!!

They have me surrounded...I can't get my message out to you!

Truth is a Hard pill to swallow...Get Some!!

Click below for the TRUTH!!!

Act like it's YOU and your life being taken. People won't let me live, work or love in peace just to hide their dirt - they blame me for THEIR system...Well I say 'Ish on that.'

 I've Got The Missing Pieces!


Available on EBay, Amazon-KDP, and Create Space!!!
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This Bridge was already soaked in gasoline and  on fire before I got there!

See for yourself!

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I have a right to be upset, !!!

Previously, I had removed my book from Google due to they had poor presentation and provided over a 100 pages for preview. 

I get these kinds of messages daily.


Whats wrong with this pic? Can you even see my book?

^^^^^^^^They are so dirty! 
The other websites had the same upload but they have it posted right...

Google Search shows my book for $0.99 but of course this is not correct. Amazon has the correct price but Google is being real shady with this search results. Yes, I have asked them to remove listing but I received no response.

Google Search - Music Business: It's a Dirty Game! Results listed below...

I paid for an Ad on Facebook but they stop at $2.11, Really? Needless to say, I cancelled that Ad.

Of course, this is normal and I am sure it doesn't mean anything...I am just being overly sensitive!

Music Business: It’s A Dirty Game!by Tiwanda Gail 'Ne Ne' Lovelace

Don't you want to know the secrets that the Music Business doesn't want you to know? Available at ebay