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Seven West Productions has developed a program that will enable others to access our controversial publications. Our products and programs reflect the entire process and expose the atrocities from the start of a career in music, navigating the Gatekeepers, to the Contract and to the Battles with the Courts. Take a moment to review information on our products and watch our videos. Our experiences make us stronger; so, why not learn from others experiences?

Created & Written By Tiwanda ‘Ne Ne’ Lovelace - 2018 Bio | Email Website | Twitter | YouTube | Licensing Rights Available

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Proof of a lifetime of Being Bullied By Major Entities!

We provide supporting documentation in support of the many allegations.
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Music, Murder and Mayhem: A True Story!

Music Business: It's a Dirty Game!

INVISIBLE: Judicial Misconduct Exposed!

Tiwanda Lovelace is Founder and Managing Member of Seven West Productions, LLC.

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Donations - - Your donations support our efforts in seeking justice and assist with shining the light on many atrocities. We have developed a program that will entertain and educate. All other products about the entertainment business and big business are always from ‘safe’ perspective, so it is more likely that those who are connected directly to the business will not author products that may jeopardize future business dealings. We address every aspect of doing business and how to survive it. We have no interest in signing or securing contracts with talent, so there is no ulterior motives.

Music Business: It's a Dirty Game!

 Although many have protected themselves in every way, many artist, writers and producers have been denied the opportunity to even pursue their claims and are forced to fight for their rights. This book uses personal experience from direct association with major music industry personnel, contracts with major music publisher. This book is not just for the aspiring artists but it is also for those who are interested in learning how the world actually operates. For decades we have all heard about many artists not receiving compensation but the first thing you think is one of the following: 1. They did not have their copyrights or they failed to protect their work...Or 2. They did not have legal representation...Or 3. You may actually believe that the individual was at fault.... Or 4. You may think they it would never happen to you.... I used to think this was the case but I was so WRONG!

ISBN: 9780989622554 eBook (Electronic book text) Format: PDF, EPUB;
ISBN: 978-0-9896225-6-1 Printed, Perfect Bound, Black & White Format: PDF, EPUB; 8.5" x 11"

Music, Murder and Mayhem: A True Story!   

This is an un-cut non-fiction description of how the music entertainment business murders its artist and writers quietly behind the scenes. Learn how the music entertainment business murders its artist and writers quietly behind the scenes. It is important that people understand the ‘game’ and how it ultimately affects others. The documentation provided along with my personal experiences shared in this book should demonstrate the lengths that those who have abused their positions to strip individuals of their life publicly by using illegal tactics, mass deception and intimidation. This book describes how those with money, power, and position use mass manipulation to discredit, its use of technology to spy, use of threats and intimidation to isolate. Like animals circling its prey, victims are surrounded, stalked, studied and set-up. Like lambs led to slaughter, you won’t realize the severity of your situation until you are knee deep in a ‘storm’ of backstabbing friends, oppressing family members, snaking strangers. 

ISBN: 9780989622578 eBook (Electronic book text)Format: PDF, EPUB; Pgs: 150
ISBN: 978-0-9896225-4-7 Printed, Perfect Bound, Black & White Format: Pgs: 150 6" x 9" ___________________________________________

INVISIBLE: Judicial Misconduct Exposed!

This title discusses judicial misconduct and ‘obstruction of justice’ by court officials and demonstrates how some have been made invisible by a corrupt legal system. Imagine people exacting revenge and using their access and resources to block all resolution. Review actual proof of these allegations and more! This book demonstrates how some individuals are deliberately oppressed and denied rights by those that are in positions to manipulate the courts to ensure injustice continues. In this two-part title, the court system has been placed under the microscope from the view of the everyday citizen to reveal how it really works for the less fortunate.

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Proof of Bullying By Major Entities

Created & Written By Tiwanda ‘Ne Ne’ Lovelace Bio Email Website | Twitter | YouTube | Licensing Rights Available

Donations$TiwandaLovelace  - Your donations support our efforts in seeking justice and assist with shining the light on many atrocities.

The purpose of these publications and website’s are to assist with obtaining legal representation with regards to multiple allegations involving a number of illegal activities. This website organizes and compiles the supporting documentation so that each incident can be addressed properly by a legal professional in their field or category.

Please take the time necessary to review my requests for assistance and let me know whether you are willing to consider helping me to obtain proper representation. The information provided represents a small portion of the supporting documentation which substantiates each allegation. In order to review more, login is required so please refer to the emailed request for login credentials.

When you attempt to exercise your rights to seek justice through the courts, you face deliberate deprivation of rights, judicial misconduct and obstruction. I am constantly misrepresented by those who are in a position to thwart justice. I do not have to tell you how people rally against you when suing governmental agencies; such as, the police. The first thing that individual may face, is an attempt to discredit or minimize the major negligent and deliberate violations. No one realizes that supporting these methods only further condones continued injustice. Learn how every resource and outlet is used in an effort to initiate hardship on those who insist on exercising their rights while discouraging their desire to seek resolution as if to say, 'Let it go!' 'We do this to everyone so there is no hope...'

Learn the entire process which demonstrates egregious intent to influence a sense of hopelessness. When the smell of violence was fresh and 'street justice' was being used inflict further damage, the initial response from professionals (both, legal and official) was, "(We) can't help you..." These events cover thirty years of willful, deliberate civil and criminal violations used to cover up atrocities.

Again, I recognize that this is an extremely difficult task but I have faith that this can be remedied.

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I noticed that when I offered one price, suddenly there was lower prices and other sellers available on both eBay and Amazon. I have an agreement with CreateSpace where I chose my book price and then THAT information is sent to Amazon.

 As Managing Member of Seven West Productions, LLC & Author of these titles…I opted out of the option to utilize other sellers shortly after realizing that I was in competition with other sellers of my own books.
In over (2) two years, NO SALES REPORTED!

If No Sales were reported, then how is it that my book are showing available (New and Used) from so many other sellers listed. I checked for sales with CreateSpace, Ingram Sparks, Lightning Source, Kobo and Smashwords; YET,


If my products were not in conflict with a billion dollar industry would their be this much opposition?





While promoting and marketing the following titles, Seven West Productions, LLC has faced multiple acts that can easily be described as Unfair Trade Practices and Unfair Competition.

These Titles shown below, shed light on the darkest parts of the music business AND the ‘system’ that uses and/or allows this industry to operate with impunity!


Music, Murder and Mayhem – A True Story!

INVISIBLE: Living in America without Rights!

When an entity interferes or when too many instances of convenient tampering or editing of websites and blogs sites, deliberately interfering with a competitors business interest by blocking content and/or impeding a competitors sales can at the least contribute to Unfair Trade Practices among the many other criminal and/or questionable activities.

Google Search shows my book for $0.99 but of course this is not correct. Amazon has the correct price $19.99 but Google displayed this search results. Yes, I have asked them to remove listing repeatedly.

Finally, I was able to have MusicBusiness: It’s a Dirty Game! – removed from their Google Books and Google Play websites.


In an effort to maintain day to day operations, I am in the process of developing a few projects with publications, videos, programs, marketing ideas and campaigns that will hopefully lead to having a storefront. I really find peace and tranquility when I am creating so actually having others take an interest is an added blessing. 

Donations are accepted At: Your donations support our efforts in seeking justice and assist with shining the light on many atrocities. Thank you again for your interest and consideration,

Tiwanda Lovelace

Tiwanda 'Ne Ne' Lovelace, Blogger, Author, Writer, Creative Artist, Innovator and Entrepreneur  Seven West Productions, LLC has a variety of products from Jewelry, T-Shirts, Framed Poetry and art, Books, eBooks and Audio-books. These Work of Arts, Handmade Resin and wire Jewelry, are created with love and care! The perfect gift to bring a smile. Seven West Productions, LLC has also compiled a set of publications which demonstrate firsthand what traps await our young aspiring artist by providing detailed information regarding methods and tactics used.  There are no other books that will provide extensive knowledge regarding their process.   These publications are not easily accessible through mainstream publishers solely due to the information provided within and due to conflicting with the goals of a billion dollar industry.


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