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Sample E.O.A.A. Weekly News Article: For the Love of Music!

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E.O.A.A. Weekly News Article: Friday, August 22, 2014

For the Love of Music
“We provide the uncut, jaw-dropping truth 
about the Music Business!”

First of all, it doesn't matter which aspect of the business that you specialize in or what your talents are you have got to really love what you do. You have got to love it more than the air that you breathe because being in the entertainment industry will require major sacrifices in your life.

There will be many unpaid sleepless nights devoted to honing your talents, building your support base and developing your product. This business has taken its toll on many relationships because the lifestyle of an entertainer is very unstable. The word ‘Starving Artist’ clearly describes most artist; especially, the unknown aspiring artist.

Some would have you believe that this business is solely based on building relationships and working as a family. Understand that there are still some decent people who are in a position that will help you on your journey. However, don’t forget that there are a majority of individuals will feel that they deserve that break more than you and will sabotage your efforts or worse.

It is the few people who have actually have been treated decent by some in the industry who would have you believe that the entire music business is about maintaining relationships and teamwork.

With regards to relationships from the perspective of those who have felt its unwarranted wrath, it is more like a dysfunctional family with a pedophile uncle that everyone works to cover for and hide their actions. That teamwork will eventually equate to what I refer to as an actual ‘tag team’ against you once you have served your purpose.

It is common for the female artist to have their husbands assume management of their careers and finances. Recently, there was a program on television involving three mature female artist. Two of them were conveniently married to their producers or managers so I could see why they would easily sum up the business as being about building relationships. These two females referenced the importance of ‘maintaining relationships’ in the business by stating that her motive for cutting ties could lead to the end of her career.

This comment was directed towards the unmarried artist who had already expressed that she had been subjected to repeated mistreatment by this man and other men in the business. These married ladies were quick to impress the importance of maintaining a relationship and began questioning the single artist motives for using her business savvy to remove said male artist from works, instead of focusing on her simply wanting to separate herself from further abuse.

In the music business, any male personnel can easily discard their female counterpart but any female would be scorned when she refuses to accept abuse. This being said, those who have been associated with the business for any length of time know how to manipulate.

It is impossible to build a relationship if these individuals only see you as a means or tool and just because you may work with someone doesn’t mean that they own you.

Most are not trying to build a relationship; that is, unless they can take it all (just like someone did them). Because of this philosophy, most artist succumb to the will of their tutor out of fear of displeasing someone who has complete control over their entry into the business. Many artist fall to the way side from drugs, prostitution, etc…

Since this is their way, if someone with clout says that you are bad news then everyone will believe them and block your career. This is why it is important who you choose to work with because they know how to manipulate others when deciding your future. If they cannot have it all, they will gang up on you to take everything.

The love of music and your determination will truly be tested. Most aspiring artist do not comprehend the importance of getting exposure by working with the right individuals, while industry personnel will exploit their lack of knowledge by exposing them to a multiple array of tactic and methods.

Your love for your career must be so strong that when bombarded with those lining up to manipulate against you. Your attempts to survive the business may conflict with others plans and it doesn't matter if their intentions are only to cause you harm as some form of revenge.

You must ask yourself, are you properly aligned? 

How many artist and entertainers befall tragedies prior to their big break? 

What are you willing to do for this career? 

Find the answers to many questions in future articles and newsletters ahead regarding the many groups and what it is to be properly aligned..!

For more detailed information regarding the many groups and what it means to be properly aligned, I encourage you to read Music, Murder and Mayhem – A True Story.

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EOAA - Share Your Story!

Posted: August 7, 2014 1:16 PM PST Written by Tiwanda Lovelace Bio | Email Website | Twitter @sevenwestprod | YouTube | Online Store

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E.O.A.A. - Share Your Story!

E.OA.A is a group that recognizes that almost everyone knows someone who is an aspiring artist, musician, etc... We also recognized that well-informed people, make better decisions so by fully equipping our youth with knowledge obtained from others experiences, we can prevent future harm.
E.OA.A provides a direct, uncut approach when addressing the business side of the music business. There are millions of talented aspiring artist who seek a full-filling career in the music business. It is not our goal to dissuade your interest but it is our goal to prepare you for the tactics and methods used to ensnare, deceive and steal the artists work.
This site is designed to serve as a guide for aspiring artist. Each week E.OA.A. will provide free tips and information that will assist the aspiring artist when preparing for a career in the music industry.

We will address the many outlets, tactics and methods commonly used, how and when to copyright, what to look for in your contracts, finding good representation for those who subscribe to our weekly newsletters and promotional offers.

Most of the information provided on this website and newsletters are from personal experiences from other artist.
Tiwanda 'Ne Ne' Lovelace - Having been in the music industry since 1991, our company has more than 21 years of experience. She is now determined to help others before they sign a contract with a major company. It is her goal to ensure that every aspiring artist is fully equipped before they sign.
Unlike most authors, Lovelace will not only tell you exactly how it is but will provide documented proof. she provides uncut truth with a direct approach. These titles are informational and not for entertainment purposes.
Emotionally charged, her titles clearly express the pain and anger of being betrayed, sacrificed and scorned. Her story is of an unknown artist that that was subjected to continued acts of violence and oppression. Her titles are presented through this artist/writer’s eyes while experiencing multiple tragedies and events. Inside, are the actual documentation and files used to demonstrate some of the tactics used to steal artist lives, deny rights and enslave the artist. These title are compiled using personal journals, public records, contracts, copyrights and other documentation which demonstrates how it is allowed to continue.
Most of the information provided on this website and newsletters are from personal experiences from other artist and if you feel that your experiences can assist others to avoid being subjected to the many tactics and methods used to steal lives.

Tiwanda 'Ne Ne' Lovelace say, "The music business or music industry will eat them alive. Before signing any contracts with music industry personnel, the artist should be equipped with all information regarding the music business or music industry by reading and reviewing our eBooks, Books and Audio-books which clearly shows you step by step documentation that is used." 

"These contracts will include other major label names; such as, Universal Music Group, BMG, MCA, EMI, WEA, Polygram and Jive."
"These names are listed in order to persuade you to sign but just because they are connected to these major labels it does not mean that they will work for you. It is most likely that they will steal your ideas and provide your work to their other more favored writers and artist without giving you credit or royalties." 
Lovelace admonishes, "All Lyricist, writers and producers, before you sign any contracts presented by entertainment lawyers…you must read the books that reveal what other Music industry books will never reveal!"
"If you intend to have a lasting music career, you must understand the music industry and entertainment laws. The publisher, label and producers will not look out for your best interest."
Learn from someone who has experienced the methods used. 
"These lawyers will take your money while working with other industry personnel to advance their own artist. The courts will refuse to recognize your copyrights and your rights as a citizen.
Do not blindly surrender your career to the hands of liars, thieves, rapist and murderers." "Some of these industry persons state, 'This is how we do it!' or 'This is our way' but this does not excuse violating, stealing and ganging up to pressure other artist to commit suicide. 

Inducing suicidal actions and harassing others for decades after they have devoted years to this business is nothing to brag about is not culture or art...but its what is done behind the scenes and supported by the 'system'! 
Learn how the music business continues to operate with impunity!

E.O.A.A. encourages other Artist, Writers, Producers and others to share their experiences which will allow others to learn from their story, you can remain anonymous or otherwise.

Disclaimer: It is the policy of E.O.A.A. that we do not provide legal advice or services. We encourage each individual to obtain suitable counsel prior to  entering any agreements. E.O.A.A. does not represent or are in association with any particular label. Due to the detailed information and the various subjects that may be covered, we ask that minors obtain parental permission prior to continue accessing our site - Ratings: MA, S, V, L Adults Only!
The Business of Music is not a game!

Your experience does not have to be negative or positive as long as you feel that it will help another aspiring artist or entertainer while they are pursuing a professional career in the entertainment industry.

By sharing and submitting your story, you give your permission to release your materials to be used to assist other aspiring artist and entertainers. If you wish to remain anonymous, please specify this in your submissions.

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