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Shedding Light on the Darkest Parts of the Business of Music!

Seven West Productions, LLC is a publishing company that recognizes that almost everyone knows someone who is an aspiring artist, musician, producer or dancer. 

We also recognized that well-informed people, make better decisions so by fully equipping our youth with knowledge obtained from others experiences, we can prevent them from being victimize; therefore, have less prodigal sons and daughters.

Since I have received an extreme amount of opposition, I need your help raising awareness and reaching others who are in a position to work through organizations, foundations, companies to fully equip our aspiring young adult artist.

SevenWest Productions, LLC has compiled a set of publications which demonstrate firsthand what traps await them by providing detailed information regarding methods and tactics used. 

  • There are no other books that will provide extensive knowledge regarding their process.

  • These publications are not easily accessible through mainstream publishers solely due to the information provided within and due to conflicting with the goals of a billion dollar industry.

  • By participating in this program as a Member or Sponsor, you will have the opportunity to purchase these rare publications that shed light on the darkest parts of an industry that has claimed so many lives.

  • By participating in our PLATINUM 30/40/50 program, you will automatically receive up to (50%) fifty percent discount off already low price on publications that are exclusive to our Members/Sponsors. These extreme discounts are only available to our Members/Sponsors andincludes discounts on sale items.

It would be an honor to work with your prestigious company. Given a chance, we can prove our value to your prestigious 
organizations, foundations, companies by producing and delivering our easy to use program compiled of thought-driven publications geared to protecting our youth. 

Please take a moment to go through our attached proposal to find out the value our collaboration promises to bring to your business.

Either as Member or Sponsor, your assistance will to increase our ability to reach to a much wider audience who is in great need of these publications.

Looking forward to hear from you soon. 

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New Sample Chapter 10: Other Routes Plan B-Z

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January 15, 2014
(Below) - Sample Audio Book - Music Murder and Mayhem NONFICTION 2014:
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Music, Murder and Mayhem - Nonfiction

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BOTH: Paperback and Audio book

If you have already researched books on the subject of the music business then you have found that a lot of the books that are written denouncing the industry are portrayed as fanatical, demonic and are downright comical. 

Personally, I am certain that there is a degree of evil involved in the business and it is possible some individuals who would sell their souls for a successful career but I didn't look twice at those titles. 

It is almost as if those books are deliberately, readily accessible but the titles that would truly provide insight are not as easy to find. 

Well, look no further...


By Tiwanda ‘Ne Ne’ Lovelace

An un-cut non-fiction description of how the music entertainment business murders its artist and writers quietly behind the scenes.

People always say that the Music Business is a dirty business but they have no full idea of to what extent. They assume that these artist just sign bad deals that allow producers and managers to take everything but this is not always the case.

It is important that people understand the ‘game’ and how it ultimately affects others. They cut, chop and shop your work. Meanwhile, chaos ensues when these victimized human beings wreak havoc fighting for these stolen works and their share of royalties.

Industry people know ‘the game’ and they know how to manipulate situations so that when you refuse to dehumanize yourself, drop to your knees and allow them to take everything... they label you as trouble. As with any business, there is competition and the struggle for power and money.

This book describes how those with money, power, and position use mass manipulation to discredit, its use of technology to spy, use of threats and intimidation to isolate.  

This is about the struggle of one writer who was blessed with the opportunity to survive and the will to refuse to settle for less. Realizing what would be the point of a temporary relief from injustice and unwarranted cruelty only to ultimately be subjected to the same inhumanity within a few years. 

Like animals circling its prey, victims are surrounded, stalked, studied and set-up. Like lambs led to slaughter, you won’t realize the severity of your situation until you are knee deep in what I commonly refer to as a ‘shit-storm’ of backstabbing friends, oppressing family members, snaking strangers and money grubbing manipulators intent on keeping you subjected and suppressed if they are unable to make a profit.