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Please contact me using any of the emails, phone numbers and website contact forms at any of the following websites shown below. [contact-form-7 id="3" title="Contact"] Note: Remember that those in positions have been able to thwart justice and hinder assistance using technology. Some of my calls are not getting through and some of my emails are not being received so please try to reach me and if I don't respond please use another method of contact because I am very serious about obtaining proper resolution! Phone: (702) 900-4087,  (702) 860-0116 Email:,,,

Re: Licensing Rights Proposal Introduction letter
I would like the opportunity to speak with you about the possibility of representation as ‘quid pro quo’ or in exchange for Intellectual property management agreement or a regional licensing rights usage agreement or an agreed upon share in start-up ownership.

I have also compiled substantial documentation which confirms unauthorized sellers and infringements. I am seeking representation for intellectual property and years of unauthorized sellers in the U.S. and the U.K.

I am a strong believer that an individual’s current circumstances do not dictate their future. Although I am currently requesting assistance in securing a Humanitarian visa, Referral to a Refugee Admissions Program and/or temporary refuge for USC...this does not negate the value of my business ventures. I have provided a copy of this request at:

I would like the opportunity to speak with you about an opportunity and about our new company, Seven West Productions, LLC / 7 West Publishing.

We have developed an intellectual property rights strategy that will enable other publishers to access our controversial ‘One of a Kind’ titles. They reflect the entire process and expose unethical practices; from the start of a career in music, navigating the Gatekeepers, to the contract and to the courts.

All other products about the business are always from ‘safe’ perspective, so it is more likely that those who are connected directly to the business will not author products that may jeopardize future business dealings.

What do we hope to achieve? 

Since music is everywhere, by educating others not only do we save lives, but from a business standpoint we profit while having a positive effect on the entire world. Our Goal is to afford many others the opportunity to utilize our undeniably, unquestionable publications through licensing rights which expose tactics used.  Clearly, it is more difficult to bully a group of publishers than it is to bully an individual publisher.

In competition, sometimes there is the use malicious means to gain an unfair advantage such as making a direct attack against a competitor or misleading the public to the detriment of a competitor. Our biggest milestone has been overcoming vilification. Even now (years later), I am being bullied for fighting for sharing my experiences and infringements.

These tactics can only be successful when implemented against unprotected individuals and small businesses so we are reaching out to others. By offering the opportunity for the use of licensing rights, we can utilize our intellectual property to ensure that future generations across the globe will have a chance to recognize and utilize the information contained in these lifesaving publications.

We prepare and fully equip our consumers regarding the tactics and methods used considered 'standard' practice by most professionals.

Let's talk credibility. Who is more credible someone who shows and demonstrate facts using actual documentation or those who profit from withholding the truth? No one will admit that copyrights are worthless and that well-connected individuals use influence and money to steal lives.

Our titles demonstrate exactly how the business operates!

Together, our project becomes a catalyst for real progress. We are seeking regional partner(s) who are able to repackage and market these products effectively on a global scale, in every format. Please review the materials at your convenience through the provided link: Full Licensing Rights Proposal

Licensing rights option only requires a lump sum down payment and percentage of sales.  The investing publisher would assume the responsibility of publishing cost. (Ex.: Total Cash Requirement is negotiable: Down payment + 35-50% of sales

I have also put together an investor relations website that outlines the details of other opportunities:

Notice: This option does not require investment in SWP, LLC. Full proposal is attached.

Thank you for your consideration.

Tiwanda Lovelace, Founder of Seven West Productions


Product 1 –
Comic Book: “Music Transforms” - which provides detailed, valuable information for aspiring songwriters and others without having to read 300 pages. Available at:


Product 2 - Online Course: Learning the Business Side of the Music Business! - Designed to address the major tactics and methods used by the industry. Derived from our other publications. See Link below:

Also, Available in French and Spanish! See Below:

Enroll Now! -
Product 3 – Business Packages - Easily packaged program for educational purposes for organizations and institutions. Our Comics will target individuals, organizations, and institutions. Online portal access for discount on future purchases. Group package products can be reused for repeated classes.

Schedule your presentation at:

Product 4 – MUSIC BUSINESS: IT'S A DIRTY GAME! ISBN: 9780989622554 eBook (Electronic book text) ISBN: 978-0-9896225-6-1 Printed, Perfect Bound, Black & White

This title discusses judicial misconduct and ‘obstruction of justice’ and deprivation of rights at the hands of the courts and its clerks. Tile includes actual physical evidence and proof of deliberate deprivation of rights, editing, withholding, modifying filings and disregarding its own court’s rules and procedures.

Product 5 – MUSIC, MURDER AND MAYHEM - A TRUE STORY! ISBN: 9780989622578 eBook (Electronic book text) ISBN: 978-0-9896225-4-7 Printed, Perfect Bound, Black & White

This is an un-cut non-fiction description of how the music entertainment business murders its artist and writers quietly behind the scenes. Learn how the music entertainment business murders its artist and writers quietly behind the scenes.

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Product 6 - INVISIBLE: Living in America without Rights! and
Part II INVISIBLE: Judicial Misconduct Exposed!

This title discusses judicial misconduct and ‘obstruction of justice’ and deprivation of rights at the hands of the courts and its clerks. Title includes actual physical evidence and proof of deliberate deprivation through courts and its clerks


Children's Books - Beautiful, Inside and Out!  Ages: 4-12
Children’s books are written to inspire warmth, hope and encourage self-esteem. eBook -

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Seven West Productions, LLC Copyright © 2013
Created and Written by Tiwanda ‘Ne Ne’ Lovelace All rights reserved. 

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