Monday, September 2, 2013

For a Few Dollars More...

Created & Written By Tiwanda ‘Ne Ne’ Lovelace

Reflection of what I see:

"For Acceptance and a Few Dollars More 

You Too Can Help Try To 

Make Someone Else Murder Themselves!

Hell, It's The American Way! 

They Pick'em -You sacrifice! 

It's A Party.

Let's Bet Money On Who Survives 

After We Set Them Up  and 

Then sick The World On Them!"

REALLY? Is This How You Feel?

Well, I can Assure you that I am No Mastermind or am I the Cause of ALL that is bad in your world. 

I'm NOT Going Out Like That!

I LOVE ME, I know that I am not deserving of this Abuse and Even Without 

Any Support, I Will NOT Break!

I Will Stay Strong and Will Keep on Writing... 


I assure You that this Is Not a Joke!

I have had people completely disregard the most heinous acts and mistreatment under the guise that my writing allegedly reflects poor grammar. I am supposed to be this uneducated, ignorant and unworthy individual who cannot compile a sentence. I am super stressed, constantly bombarded and subjected to repeated unnatural events who is trying to exercise her rights to live so I'm sure a few typos can be overlooked. 

I am one person. I am the only person in the whole world that cares about my freedom and my struggles. I am using the only method that is available to me to fight for the right to exist and to be recognized as a human being. I copy and paste between article. I am constantly having to battle and fight through major opposition, racism, sexism and stupidity. Everything that I release, write and share has to go through many programs, people and technology. I use spell-check and attempt to review every article. When I release my recordings, they reflect my thoughts and the message is far more important than the grammar used.
Please consider that the information on these blogs, websites and titles are in direct conflict with multiple entities and groups. I have provided a multitude of supporting documentation which clearly shows opposition. I do not know what you receive on your end but attacking my writing in blog post and pages is unnecessary.

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