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Summary and Background

July 26, 2016 - Written By Tiwanda 'Ne Ne' Lovelace 
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When we scan the internet, sometimes it is difficult to disseminate what information is based on facts or not. The information provided on this website is true and substantiated with supporting documentation in support of each allegation.

The website - https://requestforlegalhelp.com/ purpose was to seek assistance with obtaining legal representation with regards to multiple allegations involving both; civil and criminal activities.  This website organizes and compiles the supporting documentation so that each incident can be addressed properly by a legal professional in their field or category. However, after many decades of seeking to exercise my civil and human rights, it is clear that even with clear proof of deprivation of rights and much more...no attorney is willing to go against the 'system,' other major attorneys and officials!'

It is extremely difficult to summarized decades of abuse in a single page but this is my attempt to clarify and refute the so-called 'justification' that is being used to deprive any opportunity for justice and proper resolution.
I was never addressed and I was never given the opportunity to make a choice. No one has ever informed, addressed, consulted or advised me regarding why the need for 'public access.'
Consider my family background of being raised as a Jehovah's Witness by my mother and that my father, Robert Heard currently serving a life sentence in Michigan for allegedly murdering a police officer - Stanley Rapaski and bar owner - Cass Czerwinski. Click here: https://requestforlegalhelp.com/2016/04/orchestrated-revenge-hiding-dirt/
Consider my direct association with many music producers in Detroit and my signing a co-publishing agreement with major label in New York has had an impact on my current situation. Racism, sexism and other factors has also contributed to many entities, group and individuals being negatively affected. Millions of dollars in profits made while using plaintiff's copyrighted material that was submitted and that should have been protected under Co-Publishing Agreement with major music publisher. See copies of Certified Copyright, Split Sheets, etc...at:
Also consider the questionable actions and inactions by the Courts refusal to acknowledge actual supporting documentation and the direct misconduct of the Courts and it's Clerks editing filings and withholding Plaintiff's and Complainants submission. See: 
If I had not taken care of my legalities; such as, consulting attorneys - prior to signing contracts, securing copyrights and signed split-sheets,... I could accept responsibility if I had not but to have others keep you in the dark while taking your choices and subject you to multiple heinous acts...THIS SHOULD NOT BE ACCEPTABLE FOR ANY CULTURE BY ANY CULTURE!
Coincidentally, I am forced to succumb to public pressure, privacy violations, deprived of any and all resolution while business continues. Coincidentally, I am unable to obtain any direct assistance.
The daughter of an African American male who is serving a life sentence for allegedly killing a police officer in the late sixties (while being raised by a mother who hated him) is conveniently being deprived any acknowledgement. I never dreamed that it could be possible that my life would not be my own.
I never thought that officials while acting ‘under color of law’ could refuse to acknowledge her as a human being or ignore clearly questionable, blatant criminal behavior unjustly forced upon her.
Everyone can tell lies and manipulate for decades but I don't have to lie...I PROVIDE PROOF! See: https://requestforlegalhelp.com/2015/10/general-request-for-assistance/ or Click here General Request For Assistance 'Tab' located on the left.
See: https://requestforlegalhelp.com/2015/10/general-request-for-assistance/ or

The letter below is in response to the General Request for Assistance. There has never been any option for obtaining legal representation due to major entities involved and multiple events that officials disregard!

See March 3, 2016 video of response from a Civil Rights Organizations representative's 'defeatist' attitude and who clearly has no interest in actually providing assistance. Visit: https://youtu.be/CJ4LUmCg7tc?t=2m30s

Note: This is an example of the blatant disregard and questionable response (allegedly) from officials regarding atrocities… This is a copy of the most recent response addressed from the Department of Justice in reference to Request for Assistance regarding allegations (which included supporting documentation) showing blatant disregard for civil and human rights:  

NOTE: This letter dated September 16, 2015 has an incorrect zip code listed so I have no idea how this piece of mail was delivered promptly. D.C to NV in 2 days? This letter does not have a full signature or name of respondent.

Again, there has never been any option for obtaining legal representation due to major entities involved and multiple events that officials disregard.

The legal system, police and courts refuse to acknowledge any claims in any case spanning years and even recent criminal acts involving police or judicial misconduct…while the public is used to spread rumors to justify modern day enslavement. The courts ignored actual violence and facts while attributing 'violence' to being a product of plaintiffs ovarian cystectomy (female surgery)... GEN REQ 19 of 40GEN REQ 18 of 40

There was individuals who were assaulted, shot, double homicides, etc...but no one addressed or acknowledged each incident. I am not an attorney but due to most turning a blind eye, I have been forced to take matters in my own hands. I do not have to tell you how dangerous this can be but I refuse to be bullied out of my civil and human rights without a good fight.

I have reached out to many of the legal aids organizations but in spite of 'obstruction of justice' and many other unethical behaviors (which have clearly violated my civil rights)...some have attempted to use the statutes of limitations to dissuade the pursuit of justice. It is as if they are disregarding that the law stipulates that civil rights violations have no statute of limitations.

I was raised in Detroit, surrounded by individuals who looked just like me. Individuals who professed that the 'system' does not care about us so 'we' should look out for each other. I trusted and believed that even if they were not perfect...at least I felt like I belonged.  Although I was always an independent spirit, I had a blind sense of loyalty. It was this misplaced loyalty that allowed me to trust enough to share my lyrical talents with certain individuals.

Ultimately, I counted on my rights as a U.S. citizen...never considering that any could manipulate events to promote mass deception, placing blame on me. Unaware that the 'system' that is supposed to guarantee our rights, could care less about a black female from Detroit. I had no idea that these multiple well-connected, organized groups and entities could do anything to me without repercussion or consequences. That is just what was done to me, any and everything to belittle, discredit and induce harm. Not only was I betrayed by my own, I was persecuted and harassed by ALL!

I never imagined that these same men that I put on pedestals would turn and brutally defile, dehumanize and sacrifice me for greed and self-preservation. It was bad enough that this society has a history of inhumane cruelty to minorities and that my family background would have me on their evil radar. After being subjected to their sexism, now I was allegedly to blame for racism, itself.

For many years, I have been seeking legal assistance with serious violations of constitutional laws.

Throughout the years, I have been given many reasons as to why no one will help me...I have been told that I am in the wrong country. I was told that I blamed the wrong people for my copyright infringements. It has been implied that I am the reason people have been negatively impacted: yet, I received no communication or explanation - just blame.

What is funny is that for decades, I have had multiple strangers insinuate that the public has implicated an agreed 'slave' sum of $2 million for 20-30 years of rape, violence, intimidation and more! It has been these monsters running joke for decades! My response is and always will be, "Would you give your mother that for decades of rape, violence, intimidation and more?"

Many blame 'my situation' on racism and sexism, while 'my public' has mocked, harassed and laughed while making it a point to imply that both; blacks and whites have united in denying any resolution due to possible violence stemming from onset.

For decades, I have been told that nothing will ever change and that I should kill myself. Every reason that can be thought of is being used to induce public's support in denying me resolution and some have even gone so far as to spread vicious rumors of me being a child molester (which is a lie).

I have only attempted to exercise my civil and human rights! I have always worked, legally protected myself and secured proper documentation when conducting business. As an adult, I have NEVER hurt anyone. I have never been strung out on drugs, an alcoholic or had any mental issues that would be used to justify mistreatment. Even if I were, that would not explain why I am unable to obtain legal representation against the major entities that have allowed, initiated and encouraged blatant civil and human rights violations and obstruction of justice, etc...EVEN WITH SUBSTANTIAL PROOF OF WILLFUL AND DELIBERATE WRONG DOING! This is unacceptable by any culture!

Please take a few moments to review the Gallery  " tab" for some of the documents that are included in the title, "Music Business: It's a Dirty Game!" which provides further details. However, these extra documents are not included within the General Request Pages. 1-40 - scroll below).

In my efforts to seek and obtain legal assistance, I have experienced email/mail tampering, unexplained delivery delays, unauthorized website/blog changes and issues with sharing information. This website was initiated In order to ensure that the information provided, attached and included within any request, reaches the intended legal professional(s) in full and without being compromised.

I was never addressed and I was never given the opportunity to make a choice at any point- prior, during or afterward. There was never any direct communication from either entity, group or individual.

No one has ever informed, addressed, consulted or advised me regarding why the need for 'public access.' Consider my family background of being raised by mother as a Jehovah's Witness and my father, Robert Heard currently serving a life sentence in Michigan for allegedly murdering a police officer - Stanley Rapaski and bar owner - Cass Czerwinski. Everyone can tell lies and manipulate for decades but I don’t have to lie…I PROVIDE PROOF:

  news clipping enlarged

[pdf-embedder url="https://requestforlegalhelp.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/robert-heard-stanley-rapaski-National-news-clippings.pdf"]

My direct association with many music producers in Detroit and my signing a co-publishing agreement with major label in New York has had an impact on my current situation. Racism, sexism and other factors has also contributed to many entities, group and individuals being negatively affected. ZOMBA-LETTER regarding copyright infringments Although I have supporting documentation regarding major civil rights violations and obstruction of justice (that do not have statutes of limitations)...I am being denied any legal recourse or any opportunity for proper resolution. Meanwhile, I am continually subjected to public ridicule, harassment, etc...


 If I had not taken care of my legalities; such as, consulting attorneys - prior to signing contracts, securing copyrights and signed split-sheets,... I could accept responsibility if I had not but to have others keep you in the dark while taking your choices and subject you to multiple heinous acts...

Click to See Recent Post – CERTIFIED COPYRIGHT CERTIFICATES AND SPLIT SHEETS The decision was made.... people used their influence and power because every outlet from privacy violations, the public, television programming, radio, employers to inflict harm and to attempt to induce suicide. Many were physically hurt to persuade mass cooperation and cooperate, they have (at least where I've been!

Many have used others instances of injustice and hardships in an effort to desensitize, minimizing the criminal and civil wrongdoings as if it should just be a normal part of life. However, a lifetime of deliberate obstruction and wrongs combined with continued unnatural incidents (including violence) only confirms this is not the same.

These efforts to deceive are easily categorized as attempts to suppress the truth behind disregarding facts; thus, cementing this oppression.

The difference between similar instances of injustice is the criminal behavior used to facilitate, manipulate and cement the oppression for others to profit. Meanwhile, the masses are being fed information which promotes hostility and vengeance regarding incidents that are happening behind the scenes (violent incidents that are not acknowledged).

Most aren't placed in a position to be judged daily by all through public access. They don't have to fight everyone AND major corruption. People have understanding, empathy.

They have support, encouragement, publicity, acknowledgements, and movies, exposure and have others sharing their story. I have organized a substantial amount of supporting documentation regarding multiple legal situations; which involves, copyright infringements, breach of contract, civil rights violations, mail tampering, court tampering, accusations of antitrust violations, unfair trade practice, unfair competition and violent acts.

If you are interested in providing any assistance, please feel free to comment or contact me. No login is required to view a small portion of documents which support allegations and substantiate claims and can be accessed at: General Request For Help 'tab' above or Click Here. If you prefer not to login, please glance at the Gallery and/or see below for a ‘peek’ into some of the major legal concerns.

(The Gallery has documents that are not included within the General Request Pages. 1-40 – scroll below).  


Chapter 7: In the Beginning – Music

The DEAL was at one point the biggest Dangling carrot of all. I wanted to write for others and have at least one project released where I was The Artist. I had plans but what I didn’t realize is that my plans interfered with someone else’s plans. Along the way I manage to piss off all the wrong people. I tend to do that when I sense that my best interests are not being looked after. If I felt the slightest bit of deceit, I was in the wind. I was moving too fast and I didn’t want to settle for someone that would shelf me or just steal my lyrics. While at the same time, I had to get my name out there and let people see that I had talent. I soon found out that it wasn’t about talent. What I found was a lot of unhappy musicians who were trying for much longer to get there. The industry is definitely worse than the dope game.

All the production companies were starving. Everyone had a dream but only so many had the ability to get their work heard by those who could make it happen. The egos were ridiculous the higher up you went. I met a lot of producers and I intend to address each of them in the order I met them to share my experience.

My first recording artist deal was when I was twenty years old. I signed a contract for a female group with Sanchez (different from the other Sanchez mentioned later). It never went anywhere and with time I just moved on.

Although at first I wrote stories, children’s poems and melodies, I eventually met Lee Marcus. He was about six feet tall or a little less than. He was brown-skinned and almost always wore African styled attire. He seemed like he was a genuine person who didn’t make me feel uncomfortable but I could tell he had pimp-like ways. He encouraged me to use my feminine wilds to get close to older men but this wasn’t my style. I wanted to get into the business but I was young and thought I would be different. I found out much later that the song was used on a popular sitcom. The lyrics for the hook was, ‘Keep standing tall, Keep standing tall…’

I had never watched that type of show at the time so I didn’t realize it was used. I had poor man’s copyright at the time. I found out late that his family/brother was connected to or a police officer.

I ran into Lee Marcus some time later, (after my Zomba ordeal) we were going out and my mother ran out to the car to take a picture of him as we were leaving. I was so embarrassed. I think that’s when she gave a damn about my safety.

Lee Marcus wasn’t a bad guy, but he thought very highly of himself. Lee Marcus and Jake Salazar were in the music business together. I never found out what happened with them. Even though no one seems to tell me anything lately; it is amazing how much information that people would brazenly tell when they thought that they had the upper hand. He was having big fun telling me how much that I reminded him of his ex-wife and that he didn’t like her. He also told me of his family being associated with the police. I don’t think that that was the only group that he was affiliated with.

I just assumed that his cocky attitude was because he felt connected or untouchable. I laughed it off because it didn’t matter to me. During our conversations about the music business, I trusted him due to his experience as a drummer in a band and dealings in the music industry. He definitely had more experience than I had. The information he was providing me with and the music tracks for me to write to seemed invaluable.

Lee educated me about the importance of copyrights but advised poor man’s was same. I discovered much later that poor man’s copyright is not the same. He had described the structure of the music business as a unit which consisted of five major labels at that time. He went on to mention that the Jews ran the music business. I never thought anything about it because I saw all people pretty much the same.

Being raised separate and isolated, I only had an ideal of the world – Brainwashed from youth. It was my view that most people wanted positive results for others. I was going to change the world. All my messages, poems and song titles reflected positive or nurturing ideas but that soon changed. After the initial placements of works that I had given; I can only assume that word got out about lyrics being free game.

Keep in mind that I was a fugitive from the law living in Detroit when I was working with him and I was not on any radar because I never used my name or social security for anything. I don’t recall him ever offering me a contract but wanted lyrics for music tracks. Five works given to Lee/Jake: 'Keep Standing Tall', 'It's Love/I'm what you need', 'where are you now?', 'I need you here', and 'Just for you.'

Once I signed the publishing contract with Zomba, I spoke with Lee again and I was trying to build a team. I had four to five writers under contract with my company and asked him would he like to help. I remember that he became indignant and began to mock and he laughed at me saying that ‘him sign with me’ as if it was the funniest thing he had ever heard. He was by himself this time without Jake Salazar.

At this time I had no knowledge of other works being placed. So I believe that when Zomba referred to having songs that I had written ‘before and after’ covered in contract, it was very likely that they had knowledge of these works. I, personally, looked at it as if I were paying my dues and was willing to charge that to the game at that time.

Meanwhile, I was unaware that a Georgia warrant was issued on May 19, 1993 for probation violation after I started working with other local music producers. I think that my decisions definitely interfered with someone's plans. I can wholeheartedly say that their intentions were bad from start. Then I received the blame for not signing or letting them lock me down when it was apparent that I had no value in their eyes. Well after initial Georgia warrant and case was resolved, I really started to work with others in the music industry.

After many years, I was able to obtain information on each of the music producer and I discovered that they were not competitors as I was lead to believe but that they worked together.

[5] At the same time, Jake kept in touch with his musical roots frequently helping his uncle and various other groups playing ethnic music around Michigan and Ohio. The recording studio opened up another world for Jake Salazar and he started to analyze the recordings with curiosity and ambition dissecting each note like a surgeon and precisely orchestrating the production not only as a session studio musician but also as a record producer.

[5] http://ftpmirror.your.org/pub/wikimedia/images/wikipedia/commons/d/de/JS_Biography.pdf

Jake took direction from Richard Becker who was the chief engineer for Motown Records and owner of Pac 3 Recording Studio in Detroit that produced all of the hits for Westbound Record (Parliament/Funkadelic, The Ohio Players, and Patti LaBell.) Jake later hooked up with DJ (Ben Mercado) who played Latin music at a Detroit local black station, WJLB late at night. He worked for the DJ who asked Jake to go through the records from the mail room addressed to the show and separate the playable records from the non-playable records. Jake got to take the non-playable records home. The playable records, of course, were the records that contained money in the album jackets.

The music industry was deeply embedded heart, mind and soul and it surrounded Jake day and night with its creative influences. His devotion was unparalleled to no other desire. Jake did a sting promoting records for several independent record promotions companies with clients such as CBS Records, Warner Bros. Records, RCA Records, MCA Records and Capitol Records and traveled around the country visiting stations and their PDs to get them to play the records.

During the late seventies and eighties he started working for labels, production companies and music publishers while occasionally performing live and recording in the studio. Jake Salazar has led a successful career as a music record executive a long side his many accomplishment as a record producer.

Jake has achieved three Grammy Nominations for his record productions. Being in the company of legends, heighten Jake's capabilities with extreme confidence. Jake Salazar became affiliated with Manuel Montoya of MEG (Montoya Entertainment Group) a company that provided international services to clients such as Herb Alpert, Janet Jackson, Marie Osmond, Quite Riot, Julio Iglesias, Kenny Rogers, Placido Domingo and Sylvester Stallone to name a few and established a production company.

[6] Jake Salazar was a co-founder of the Tempo Music Group. A coalition of independent record companies owned by veteran industry professionals and celebrities such as Anita Baker/Michael Powell, Sylvia Moy, Martha Reeves, Isaiah Thomas, Thomas Hearns, John Salley, Lee Marcus, and Leonard Jones among other prominent business colleagues.

[6] http://ftpmirror.your.org/pub/wikimedia/images/wikipedia/commons/d/de/JS_Biography.pdf

Jake has been a consultant to over forty record labels and for many of the industries' major artists and manages the careers of a chosen few. Jake has been a consultant to over forty record labels and for many of the industries' major artists and manages the careers of a chosen few.

Hip-Hop/Rap artist Baby Blue, A.K.A. Big Nic on Big Money Records produced by Jake's son, Jake "Chacho” Salazar, III. All distributed through an arrangement with Universal. Prior administrative obligations were for Grammy Winner Little Joe/Polygram Records, Grammy Winner Cesar Rosas/Los Lobos/Warner Bros. Records, Platinum artist Tierra/MCA Records and DeLeon Music Publishing/Peer Publishing.

There they were, Jake Salazar and Lee Marcus, in my living room, personally providing me with music tracks for me to write my lyrics and melodies, I guess I should have felt honored. Jake Salazar, Lee Marcus, Leonard Jones and Michael Powell were all prominent business colleagues and they say that I am the one who is guilty of betrayal. Obviously, I didn’t just pull names out of a hat, this was no accident, and I can see why these people want me to just die. I guess this is where the harassment from Hispanics could be originating from; they must have had a falling out. What did these maniacs do? Not one of them tried to offer anything, no decency, just treachery and you expected what to happen exactly? I was unaware that they were close prominent business colleagues.

Shortly after meeting Lee, I met Leonard Jones of All Purpose Disc. He was an older man in his late 50’s or older. I accepted a job as his secretary part-time. I actually liked getting dressed and going to work being that I had never worked before. My ex-husband provided for us for the most part, this enabled me to have more time focused on the children and my music. I believe he felt that keeping me close to home would prevent contact with other men.

While working for Jones, I met a lot of people that would come to the office to meet with him. He never came on to me or used his position to try to get some ass like I expected. Instead he seemed to be testing me and checking to see what my deal was. I was also watching, checking to see if he actually had good intentions. Of course, I felt that he might be in a position to help get me to where I wanted to be - Major. As I worked there, I would hear the different artist express their concerns and issues. Mostly, I would try to read all the people that came to his office; including his wife.

His wife hated the sight of me. Jones and I would laugh because we both knew that we weren’t doing anything. If he was cheating, it wasn’t with me. He’d joke and say that she called me ‘that Thang’ and I would reply with “that’s Ms. Thang to her.” Although I liked Jones, I didn’t have faith that once I signed he would follow through.

Eventually, some guys came in the office and they were not happy about something to do with money or a project and it was not pretty. That was my queue… I'm talking about Detroit men, pissed about money; I quit that day but before I left I called myself getting some numbers for distributors and possibly producers. Not unlike anyone else who felt they worked for it. I never saw him again but he wasn’t a bad man but just like others who couldn’t have their way – He probably wasn’t happy with me.

I worked with another talented local music producer named, Darrold Campbell. He was a lightskinned African American. He was quiet for the most part but he spoke when he had something to say. I genuinely wished him well and I liked his music tracks. He was very professional and he should have gotten a deal on his talent alone. He would tell me that I didn’t need help with writing song lyrics. His tracks were highly praised by those in the industry with years of experience. I never hesitated to give his business info to others.

In addition, Darrell Strickland was lyricist/producer (slightly crazy in my opinion from bumping his head for years with that damn dangling carrot). He was between light and medium brown skinned African American. He was ‘cool people’ but because I felt that he wanted more than music relationship, I left. We had a great time hanging out though. We went to Nova Scotia, Canada and just kicked it with some other musicians. We all just sat around playing music and showing off our talents – Freestyle. I will always remember that trip. Canadians were very friendly to me and it was nice to get away for a while. I know that he had some crazy ass thuggish brothers.

I worked with Hershel Tinsley and Tim Lempke, they were music producers but I didn’t like the way they wanted me to sing. I tried and it didn’t work out. There was no soul or feeling in the song that I was given and I wasn’t allowed input.

I also met with some lady who had studio out of home said, ‘writing songs like a relationship’ Ah; no I don’t think so. I don’t remember her name but I didn’t like the vibe I felt. It was if people were saying that I tried to cut others and was completely self-serving.

I was working on exposure and decided to agree to a radio commercial for ‘Mind your business campaign’ on radio. This was a campaign designed to encourage support for local businesses. It was really good experience and it felt good to hear my voice on the radio.

I was so excited about music tracks and wanted to write, I began to seek out different production companies to offer my vocals to help sell their songs for studio time and/or tracks to write my songs.

Curtis, my husband, at the time supported my endeavors. He purchased a little 4 track player so that I could put my melodies down with the music. I would spend my nights smoking weed and writing. I became obsessed with music and the more lyrics I wrote, the more I learned about copyrights, legal process, etc…but what I didn’t know is that even if you have copyrights – you are not protected if you cannot get a lawyer to represent you.

My husband and family introduced me to Larry Hatcher (If that was his real name) was involved in music industry and was a writer/lyricist who lived in both cities, Detroit and Los Angeles. He was a friend of the family and I was told that he could possibly help me with my music. He was over 6 feet in height, medium build with medium brown skin African American and seemed upbeat, energetic and interested. He was fun and very likable but never open. At this time in my life, my husband and I had just come clean about our issues and concerns with our relationship. I thought that we had decided to work things out and stay together.

So I went into my dealings with Larry with strictly business mentality. Curtis would drop me off at his house to work on music tracks. I liked him but I was chilling and I made it clear that I wasn’t down for extracurricular activity. Once, Larry and Val were sitting on the couch and he just whipped it out and she started playing with him while they looked at me. I kept writing my lyrics and ignored them. He was the type of man that knew his way around women and how to get what he wanted. One eventful night he decided to take me to a party at his friend’s house, I went and I was running from him the whole night. He finally brought me a drink, VSOP and I drank it. Right after the party, instead of him taking me home he went to his house. I was out of it and the next thing I knew he had me up on the table on my back and lifted my dress up and he was inside me. I couldn’t move and I was in shock.

Immediately, I started crying and demanded to go home. I was throwing up all the way home. I can’t remember if he took me or if Curtis came to get me. I continued throwing up and crying all night. I told Curtis, my husband what happened to me and he didn’t even respond. It was like he didn’t care or believe me. I told my mother and I received the same response. I was so hurt that neither of them gave a damn that I said forget them. 

Do you know that I hardened myself at that moment and made excuses to justify me going back to who I felt was the only person really in a position to further my career? The sooner the better, than I can get away from them for not caring. I know that he was a friend of their family but I didn’t think that they would just give me away. So, yes; against my better judgment I went back to him knowing that I had hateful feelings towards him for what he did. I addressed it with him and expressed my anger towards what he did. He apologized and I said I accepted but I still held a grudge at that time. I was furious but I just told myself that he didn’t hurt me. So keeping this in mind, I just couldn’t hold it anymore and when we had that meeting with Renzer - Zomba, rep at Art & Rhythm’s studio with Larry Roc Campbell, I just snapped because I couldn’t bear the thoughts of them cheating me out of my songs and that he did me like that. I went off on him verbally but no one else knew why, just Larry Hatcher and me.

I think back to when I told my girlfriends/sister-in-laws that one of my fantasies was to have my man just take it but we were just talking. Whatever, that was a tragic experience for me. Prior to this happening, I had met his friend Larry Roc Campbell and I was checking him out and I know he didn’t like it but he never said anything.

What possessed him to do that to me? – To this day I think this was a tactic used to cause imbalance, confusion and dismay. In addition, there were implications that she may have known Larry by her response to our incident. Looking back I truly believe he feels like I hurt his feelings because he said sorry. I am still negatively affected and way messed up by that move. If he hadn’t he may have had a chance but this drove me to what’s his face…and definitely far away from my ex-husband emotionally. - Hurt, angry, mad at myself for responding the way I did – My husband and mother failed me, so my dumb ass made matters worse with that one.

Larry had introduced me to Larry Roc Campbell, who at that time was a music producer (self-proclaimed master manipulator). Roc was already contracted with Zomba under Ara - Art & Rhythm and worked out of a small studio in Southfield, Michigan. Roc was slightly less than six feet tall, with medium build and medium brown-skinned African American. He would have probably been taller if he not been bow-legged. He also had a cleft or dimple in his chin. He was very sexy in his strong but silent kind of way. Art & Rhythm; which consisted of Ara and Roc, offered a contract but didn’t want to offer any monies. Of course, just like anyone else would have done – I declined due to no money. I tried to talk to him but he just sent me to Ara.

Since I had a husband and mother willing to give me away, I had someone that I thought that I could trust hurt my soul. Roc didn’t think enough to come up with any money for contract, I wasn’t asking for millions; this why I signed that BS contract in my weakened state. I guess I needed to believe that there was something good for me somewhere. I guess I was delusional about wanting to be cared for or looked out for…maybe I saw something that wasn’t there (you think, duh). That won’t happen again. I know that he was encouraging me with his complaining about home, treating me extra nice. Maybe, I wanted to believe I saw something that wasn’t there. Again, my dumb-ass came on to him and he rejected (which was the right thing to do).

I really thought that he was a nice person but as I look back, he gave me a ‘shh!’ gesture right before the meeting with Renzer - Zomba, rep. Looking back that is probably why Zomba rep. told me after the issue with works to stay away from Larry Roc Campbell. Almost twenty years later, I discovered that he later became Jive Records A & R.

I worked on a few projects with Paul D. Allen. He was a music producer/engineer for Michael Powell’s Vanguards Studio. He is approximately 5’ 10, brown-skinned African American, well dressed quiet but definitely skilled music engineer. I didn’t trust him completely because his ties to Michael Powell and the fact that he scheduled a meeting with me then stood me up but called weeks later ready to work.

Paul was a music producer/engineer for Michael Powell’s Vanguards Studio. I had met Michael Powell but he had his artist that he was promoting and he came across very haughty. Mr. Egomaniacal…..I didn’t trust him and was afraid of his intentions and I had been shelved before. Paul was quiet and reserved when I worked with him. Honestly, he supplied one of my favorite music tracks, “Why can’t I” - that was a really good song. I wrote and sung my heart out for that one. He looked up to Roc with respect when I made reference to him. It was almost like he wanted to stand up for him when I began to mock.

Shortly after my battle with Zomba began, I met CC or at least that’s how he introduced himself, I was not expecting that and my instincts said ‘run bitch.' This was some new stuff and I probably shouldn’t have…but my instincts are rarely wrong. I don’t think he knew that I knew who he was.

I had just seen his picture in a magazine associating him to Jive label. He was gorgeous and so I started to pretend as if I didn’t recognize him. Suddenly, I got really nervous and I decided to make my famous get-away. I ran away because I couldn’t understand why he was in Detroit, at the same club that I was in. I don’t believe in coincidence. His demeanor and timing instilled concern and I was not ready but tried to play big girl but my fear took over.

David McPhearson - Zomba, rep - CC/Jive… I never worked with him but I was infatuated with briefly. He was light-skinned African American, possibly six feet tall and very attractive. I still have no idea of what his role was in this sudden appearance.

Shortly afterward I started to hear stories about something happened bad to someone and people started treating me awful. Implying that he or someone was beat up or hurt. Now how was supposed to feel. I didn’t know what was going on. I didn’t know who was just caught in crossfire and who was responsible. I didn’t know it was a joint effort at the time. Each of them had their own motives and intentions.

First encounter which lead to Zomba It felt like someone had my house wired because that would have been the only way. I didn’t go around telling everyone that he was there.

It wasn’t long after the incident with Larry that I met with David Renzer, Zomba, rep but he made me feel uncomfortable. I couldn’t read into his intentions probably because I was tore up from what I was going thru on the home front and with my music. I felt that it didn’t matter/I didn’t matter – Just get your paper boo boo or so I thought but my heart and mind betrayed me.

I was a mess and it was my first meeting with David Renzer and the other Jive label representative along with Larry, Roc and Ara, this is when I snapped. I had not seen or talked to Larry in a while so seeing him and being in that situation was upsetting at the time. It felt like I was in a pressure cooker and all I could think about was what I was told about him taking credit for my lyrics, combined with my emotional state regarding our incident and life on the home front was not good.

It was too much so I took it all out on him but he definitely deserved a lot of that verbal lashing (I had not forgiven him). I am sure that each of them had their reasons and motives for their actions but there is one thing that I am sure of is that their intentions were definitely self-serving.

Unfortunately, human nature doesn’t always allow for most to wish others well. Instead, it does give many reasons to intervene, attempt to prevent any positive results, and spread a complacent attitude towards doing the right thing.

Per Renzer's request, I was supposed to submit in writing my claim to my work.

Yeah, they were trying to 'help' alright...themselves. Now they got people gunning for me because of all of their versions of events. I had no idea of all of the violence and 'warring' that ensued. I did not even know that they were spreading their lies through the streets or that I needed to defend myself.

How dare me want rights or anything from their industry besides 'they' were popular...

But I am the bad guy and it's all my fault, really?

You know that they don't want the truth to come out so if the links don't work contact me directly and I will make sure that you get a copy.


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Self Interview - Tiwanda Lovelace December 12, 2015


[audio mp3="https://requestforlegalhelp.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/Interview-Tiwanda-Lovelace-Why.mp3"][/audio]

 (Shown below)


(scroll up or down options are on the right.)

This is an example of the blatant disregard and questionable response (allegedly) from officials regarding atrocities...

This is a copy of the most recent response from the Department of Justice in reference to allegations (which included supporting documentation) showing blatant disregard for civil and human rights:

 NOTE: This letter has an incorrect zip code listed so I have no idea how this piece of mail was delivered promptly. This letter does not have a full signature or name of respondent.

This is a completely ridiculous and an unacceptable way to handle another human being; especially, a U.S. Citizen.
Thank you for your interest!
Tiwanda 'Ne Ne' Lovelace
Please contact me using any of the emails, phone numbers and website contact forms at any of the following websites - Note: Remember that those in positions have been able to thwart justice and hinder assistance using technology. Some of my calls are not getting through and some of my emails are not being received so please try to reach me and if I don't respond please use another method of contact because I am very serious about obtaining proper resolution!
Phone: (702) 750-7190, (702) 750-7214, (702)860-0116
Email: tiwandalovelace@gmail.com, tiwandalovelace@outlook.com, tiwandalovelace@icloud.com,
Websites: http://7westproductions.com, http://sevenwestproductions.com, http://musicbizadirtygame.blogspot.com
See March 3, 2016 video of response from a Civil Rights Organizations representative's 'defeatist' attitude and who clearly has no interest in actually providing assistance. Visit: https://youtu.be/CJ4LUmCg7tc?t=2m30s (This org. is the 1st listing for assistance from an online search engine).
Video shows Lawyer's Committee for Civil Rights is too busy and could care less about standing up for people's rights or at least this African-American female. Why do people fund these types of programs? If they don't actually have any intention of doing what they allege, why do they continue to operate? Are they in place to weed out those who don't accept 'slavery?' Are they in place to add to the despair of those who are already facing the vilest of violations by nonchalantly telling them to 'buzz off'?

L.C.C.R. of San Francisco, CA 94105 Showed complete disregard for individual's civil rights and their response to allegations was disgusting for an organization who is supposed to represent the fight for civil rights. Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights apparently believes that violations are acceptable for certain individuals...It's ridiculous that according to their rep, "...it's happening to a lot of people..." so therefore, he was saying, 'whatever!'

It went from him not having time to even look at the 2-page letter to tell me more, then he abruptly said, 'don't be surprised if I cut you off... It’s truly sad when those who are in place to assist, demonstrates that they could care less! The woman who went to get their other rep. laughed as the man came to get the 2-page letter and my business card. I will be releasing the audio of the D.O.J. response to allegations of misconduct and more...

NOTE: Correction - 'Not the son of the chief of Police but still related' (either way, it is a very strange coincidence). P.O. BOX 400001, LAS VEGAS, NV 89140 Ph. (877) 885- 2944



This purchase includes (6) files: ILIA Cover - Front, ILIA Part I Interior - PDF, ILIA Interior - EPUB, ILIA Cover Back. BONUS! ILIA Part II: Judicial Misconduct Exposed! Interior - PDF and ILIA Part II Cover - Front. Music Business: It's a Dirty Game! This purchase includes (4) files: MBIADG Cover - Front, MBIADG Interior - PDF, MBIADG Interior - EPUB and NEW BACK cover - MBIADG. Music, Murder and Mayhem A True Story!

This purchase includes (4) files: MMM Cover - Front, MMM Interior - PDF, MMM Interior - EPUB and NEW BACK cover - MMM. Note from Author: I have had people completely disregard the most heinous acts and mistreatment under the guise that my writing allegedly reflects poor grammar.

I am supposed to be this uneducated, ignorant and unworthy individual who cannot compile a sentence. I am super stressed, constantly bombarded and subjected to repeated unnatural events who is trying to exercise her rights to live so I'm sure a few typos can be overlooked. I am one person. I am the only person in the whole world that cares about my freedom and my struggles.

I am using the only method that is available to me to fight for the right to exist and to be recognized as a human being. I copy and paste between article. I am constantly having to battle major opposition, racism, sexism and stupidity. Everything that I release, write and share has to go through many programs, people and technology. I use spell-check and attempt to review every article.

When I release my recordings, they reflect my thoughts and the message is far more important than the grammar used. Please consider that the information on these blogs, websites and titles are in direct conflict with multiple entities and groups.

I have provided a multitude of supporting documentation which clearly shows opposition. I do not know what you receive on your end but if you are receiving copies with poor grammar and poor punctuation...there is a good chance that you are not receiving genuine publisher approved final copies.

What I find most disturbing is that even when supporting documentation is provided, the evidence itself is never addressed and the guilty is never forced to respond. Instead, the accuser is vilified and their credibility is questioned and attacked.

In thirty years, NO ONE has ever been held accountable or was even forced to address blatant misconduct. 

Author/Plaintiff has suffered continued opposition from many governmental agencies who has 'under color of law' taken housing and gainful employment. Plaintiff has been barred from obtaining legal representation due to parties involved. Without stable housing and living conditions, litigant had been physically unable to compile the necessary supporting documentation (See COM-COMPLAINT OF MISCONDUCT pgs. 71).
To this day, Def. Dekalb County Police, has refused to correct, update CGIC and forward corrections to CJIS (Federal). Recently, records reflect inaccurate information, charges and recently displayed a photo of a black male as being Plaintiff (See COM-COMPLAINT OF MISCONDUCT Pg. 70). 
Although far from perfect, I have never been strung out on drugs. I have never been an alcoholic. I am not mentally challenged. Even if I were, it does not merit a lifetime of targeted, deliberately induced deprivation of rights.
Regarding questions as to my character, when you research my background…the information that will be shown is inaccurate, false charges and exaggerate offense so as to attempt to justify deprivation of rights. Continued, convenient questionable behavior and inaction should only further demonstrate corruption and misconduct on the part officials. Visit other Post/Pages at: https://requestforlegalhelp.com/
In the blink of an eye and without hesitation, I was deliberately deprived my opportunity for justice by the Courts Judges, Clerks AND the Def. (as demonstrated in COM-COMPLAINT OF MISCONDUCT Pgs. 8-77). 
The Courts disregard for minority female plaintiff has led to recent incident where Plaintiff was detained, handcuffed, paraded due to inaccuracies maintained on CGIC and CJIS (Criminal Background Reports). The behavior of the Courts/Clerks not only condoned the Def. actions prior to the Complaint but facilitated the continuation of violation of and deprivation of rights...which continues today.
Plaintiff has been subject to years of unnatural opposition, persecution due to negative public opinion on lawsuits against state/governmental entities; thus, giving 'Cart Blanche' or a license for obstructing justice and deprivation of rights.
It is through these titles that Lovelace has an opportunity to shed light on the tactics that are used to deprive rights, manipulate events which are used to facilitate public support. These publications provide detailed proof of corruption and collusion.

By offering to sell the licensing rights, we are able ensure that future generations across the globe will have a chance to recognize and utilize the information contained in these lifesaving publications.

We seeking to establish relationships with international publishers that are interested in purchasing either domestic and/or international licensing rights.

If you're an agent, scout, or publisher and would like to get information on specific rights availability and terms, see samples, or make appointments for book-fair meetings, please contact: (702) 750-7190, (877) 885-2944.
Titles description (short version):


An un-cut non-fiction description of how the music entertainment business murders its artist and writers quietly behind the scenes. Presents scenarios and provides a general guide regarding methods and tactics used to steal and destroy lives.


Describes step by step how multiple entities manipulate society through mass deception for the purposes of greed and revenge. Although many have protected themselves in every way, many artist, writers and producers have been denied the opportunity to even pursue their claims and are forced to fight for their rights. Through the use of actual events, supporting documentation and public records, review for yourself.



This book demonstrates how some individuals are deliberately oppressed and denied rights by those that are in positions to manipulate the courts to ensure injustice continues. This title discusses judicial misconduct and ‘obstruction of justice’ and deprivation of rights at the hands of the courts and its clerks. Part II - Includes actual physical evidence and proof of deliberate deprivation through courts and its clerks tampering, editing, withholding, modifying filings and disregarding its own court’s rules and procedures.

For more information, visit: https://requestforlegalhelp.COM Complaint of Misconduct/ 
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