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Unfair and Unnecessary Opposition

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“Along the way I was met with extreme opposition and I have faced many obstacles. I wanted to share some of them with those who would like to know the truth behind the lies and tactics.”  - Tiwanda Lovelace

December 2016 - YouTube Ads

When I click for video to play, the Ad displays a female on the toilet.

There are no tags or video description that would associate this video, unless manually added. Who is to blame for these continued nuances?

Ultimately, the Employer is Accountable under ‘Superior Respondeat’

December 2016 - Gust Investment - Mr. Powell


September 28, 2016 - Today, their C.S. Rep. deleted card on file which prompts re-entry and another 3 day security hold. Then card shows accepted until day of disbursement...Loops seller repeatedly through the process! I don't care if it is under $20, it is mine. AMAZON got their portion 5-6 weeks ago...

Why does AMAZON hold sellers funds for weeks due to bogus reasons?


Google Tactics: 

The other websites had the same upload but they had it posted correctly...


Google Tactics

Google Search shows my book for $0.99 but of course this is not correct. Amazon has the correct price $19.99 but Google displayed this search results. Yes, I have asked them to remove listing repeatedly.

Finally, I was able to have Music Business: It's a
Dirty Game! - removed from their Google Books and Google Play websites.

Google Images Search for:  Music Business: It's a Dirty Game!

Now Available at

Google Image's Search under 'Music Business: It's a Dirty Game' shows images taken from my book and then immediately list this idiot on the commode, counting money...and...a penny listed a little ways down...'I wonder why that is?'

Google Books also displayed various pages from my book out of sequence and out of context for a preview. 

If you see $ 0.99 and then once you select page the price shows $19.99 this could discourage interest. Book was not listed with correct title.

Google+ / Google Plus

This ‘Post’ page show perfectly when you click on tab…

However, when I randomly checked the ‘About’ for Ne Ne Lovelace – not list the information that was provided or is sporadically made available to readers as shown below:

There is no information shown on this page for no apparent reason, which clearly indicates an error on the technical side of my Google +
While sending Feedback or Request for Fix…

Suddenly, now my ‘About’ page displays correctly (for now)!
The 'About' page provides background events and the Author's and Seven West Productions, LLC's BIO!


I purchased a couple Ads’ from Facebook and this is a copy of the Ads tracking where they stopped all activity at $2.11.

My very first Ad went well; I reached over 44,000 hits per my page manager but someone interfered with 2nd Ad. I wonder why…

I assure you this was never a game but this was a revenge plot from the start! Read Chapters 1-6 of Music Business: It’s a Dirty Game! provided below!

Amazon and eBay, My Rivals?

Why would eBay and Amazon have mysterious seller offer my listing for less than the authorized price? I understand competition but why is there no information on seller?

Notice: Top Rated Plus & Seller: buy (2589127with shooting star) is listed first, and then my listing is below…

This is not my (Seven West Productions) Ad and it should be $19.99.

My (Seven West Productions) listing is second.

Note: Myphoto was used by Seller: buy (2589127 with shooting star).

These are not coincidences…but deliberate! Find out why by reading Chapters 1-6 below!


Meanwhile, I am marketing and promoting this book and sending my customers to Amazon/Createspace but they offer it for less because Amazon was selling same book @ $17.01, not the agreed 19.99 through Createspace.

No Sales? I know people who purchased on Amazon!

This is not my listing above-5new $16.00 –

My previous Correct Seller information with eBay
100% Positive feedback
Amazon is clearly selling at different rate and $0.00 sales have been reported even though I know that friends/associates have purchased.

This is my listing below showing the agreed Createspace /Amazon price of $19.99…which coincidentally is listed on page #144, page 12 under Music.

Now Available at

Createspace/AmazonTitle Listings

Title ID: 4184590
ISBN-13: 978-0578119465   
ISBN 0578119463 AMAZON US(ships w/i 24hrs) $23.98
ISBN 0578119463  TextbooksRus US EDITION $25.14
ISBN 0578119463  AMAZONCO.UK $30.72
ISBN 0578119463 AMAZON.FR FRANC $34.13
ISBN 0578119463  AMAZON.DE GERMANY $39.18

I spend hours, days and weeks promoting my book; sending my customers to eBay & Amazon links for my $19.99 Music Business: It’s a Dirty Game and find that my efforts are undermined.

I hope that you have enjoyed reading the Chapters 1 – 6 that I have provided for preview.

I am fighting for my life and I shouldn't have had to compete with Amazon and/or eBay with my own product when using their online service!

I have had three websites but each time I am faced with unexplained changes to my websites or purchase links being forwarded to other non-related sites.

Recently, I have discovered that some of my copies sent as attachments in emails were never received so if you have received a copy then it was through great lengths.

I have put everything into fighting this injustice and I could use some support. It has been a difficult journey but this form of slavery must stop because I am not going to accept this without a fight. There is no valid reason, justification or excuse to deny rights…

This is really a Dirty Game!

For more supporting documentation, please visit:

Unfair and Unnecessary Opposition

NEW! Updated November 30, 2014

Amazon shows book for sell and active under 7westpublishing seller account but search shows not available or temporarily out of stock.

Amazon search for Music Business It’s a Dirty Game AND ISBN 978-0-98962253-0 

but results say that this title is out of stock and/or unavailable…

This is unfair trade practices if my seller account says that it is for sell and active but not showing under search!

Amazon search shows book but says unavailable or out of stock but my seller account show active:

Dun & Bradstreet 

I appreciate the phone call but I can assure you that there is no exaggeration and that there is a serious problem with the way that this account and information is being handled. I only have one log-on and one password for this website but the wrong website is listed when not logged in

When I, as a small business owner updates and verifies company information, it should remain and reflect the proper information; especially when you are selling a portal or service that is supposed to maintain information to help build credit and business.

Please review the numerous emails and screenshots before you make the decision to minimize my concerns. In addition to showing unverified when I spent numerous hours entering, updating and verifying all of my company's information. I entered URL's, social media links, logos and videos; however, the urls are not forwarding correctly. My social media links are producing error messages, etc...(as shown on screenshots).

I have attached copies of print-screens and pdf's to explain the situation that I have been attempting to resolve.

The following png. file shows what I see when logged in  but this is not what is displayed.

It is clear that there is some technological manipulations and major concerns on behalf of your I.T. departments.

When displaying my company's information, there is no question that there is a problem that is more than just verification issue and therefore I have not received the service that was paid for.  Any small business in this position would require proper resolution and explanation.

I have put many hours and too much time into explaining and attempting to resolve this issue so I hope that you now understand my position.

I hope that we can resolve this matter but again until it is resolved, I stand by my request for a full refund of all payments made for this service. I ask that you consider taking the same measures that you would take when addressing any other business where your company is at fault.


Tiwanda Lovelace

When logged in, the correct website is shown but when not logged on or public  view provides different website 
and other info...

On the same evening, I received the following messages:

First search results show:

NOTE: A few hours later and another search does not show the same information. Suddenly, your system shows that my company cannot be found.

Email confirms verified...

On September 20, 2014 this screenshot was sent with an email to notify Dun & Bradstreet Credibility Corp that the package that I purchased was not reflecting on my account.

Links for Social Media unavailable even verified and updated...

I only have one log-on and one password for this website but the wrong website is listed when not logged in , 
company name doesn't show LLC..

The same date as shown above but when not 
logged in it shows the following...

Links for Social Media unavailable even verified and updated...
Twitter URL not forwarding

If my products were not in conflict with a billion dollar industry would their be this much opposition?
For more supporting documentation, click the following links:


eBooks - Available in English, Spanish and French at:

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