Friday, November 18, 2016

Initial Lawsuit filed against Zomba


When individuals protect themselves legally, invest valuable time, money and works hard at achieving their dreams and endeavors... NO ONE should be able to circumvent justice and deprive them of their rights to adequate representation and the opportunity to pursue proper resolution.

Other than denial and refusal to acknowledge, NO ONE has ever directly addressed Lovelace regarding the many allegations of misconduct and violations of criminal acts, civil and human rights violations. Lovelace has never received any monetary compensation for any of the copyright infringements, breach of contract or unfair trade practices. Lovelace was never consulted, communicated with, considered, notified or addressed regarding resolution in any of the matters provided herein and on this website or others!

There has never been any option for obtaining legal representation due to major entities involved and multiple events that officials disregard!

When seeking legal representation with multiple ongoing legal issues involving certain powerful entities, it's very difficult find representation. Unfortunately due to abuse of power or influential individuals who can manipulate events, the individual can easily be deprived of their rights by a society that relies on the 'it's who you know' philosophy or the lack of empathy for others.

The lawsuit below confirms questionable behavior and supports claims of corruption, judicial misconduct, violations of unfair competition, violations of the Sherman Antitrust Act, The Clayton Act, and much more...

Obstruction of justice

"Obstruction of justice is defined in the omnibus clause of 18 U.S.C. § 1503, which provides that "whoever . . . . corruptly or by threats or force, or by any threatening letter or communication, influences, obstructs, or impedes, or endeavors to influence, obstruct, or impede, the due administration of justice, shall be (guilty of an offense)." Persons are charged under this statute based on allegations that a defendant intended to interfere with an official proceeding, by doing things such as destroying evidence, or intefering with the duties of jurors or court officers."

"The acts by which justice is obstructed may include bribery, murder, intimidation, and the use of physical force against witnesses, law enforcement officers or court officials.

The integrity of the judicial system depends on the participants' acting honestly and without fear of reprisals. Threatening a judge, trying tobribe a witness, or encouraging the destruction of evidence are examples of obstruction of justice. Federal and state laws make it a crime toobstruct justice.

Obstruction of justice in the federal courts is governed by a series of criminal statutes (18 U.S.C.A. §§ 1501–1517)"

Initial Lawsuit filed against Zomba; including Amended Complaint, Request for Counsel to be Assigned (to avoid protraction) and Letter of Explanation Summarizing each allegation of Copyright Infringement that was submitted to the courts as Exhibits...

Also submitted to Courts w/ Complaint: Request for Counsel to be Assigned & Amended Complaint which complied with F.R. Civil procedures; short and plain statements, numbered with demand for judgement.

(As Shown Below the Embedded PDF)

This filing was never addressed until after case was improperly dismissed; Court stated 'filing' as 'moot!'


(In case the PDF embed software is not working properly, I have listed some docs below or (CLICK HERE for FULL URL Page View of ALL)

(In case the PDF embed software is not working properly, I have listed some docs below)

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I filed a Complaint with the MI Grievance Committee against previous attorneys who encouraged signing of contracts but the Committee did not even confirm accusation of 'conflict of interest' by clarifying which entities or individuals these lawyers represented at that time...Complaint was dismissed although clearly questionable behavior indicated otherwise...

The Sherman Antitrust Act prohibits contracts etc -GEN-REQ-29-OF-401

The information clearly raises questions regarding the violation of the Sherman Antitrust Act, The Clayton Act and Unfair Trade Practices and Unfair Competition.

unfair competition - unfair trade practices -GEN-REQ-27-OF-401

I have and I am still seeking legal assistance with continued 'Obstruction of Justice' combined with the multitude of violations...

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